Dissing the Dalai Lama

Just when you thought the slime-infested waters of TV punditry could not possibly get any fouler, there appears a contender to rewrite the rules of engagement. Meet Webster Tarpley, a “historian and author” that evidently has Mao’s little red book shoved sideways up his orfice, judging from his impassioned parroting of the regime’s line regarding the reasons behind China’s occupation of Tibet, in the Russia Times interview embedded below.

Watch the video if you think you can stomach it; if not, here it is in a nutshell: everything was and is the fault of the Dalai Lama –feudal overlord CIA asset– and the “gaggle of aristocrats he’s got in northern India”. Indeed, under the Dalai Lama, Tibet was a “Hell on Earth” of punitive misery and exploitation. All the gory details are explained at length in the video. Note the anchor’s less-than-convinced closing remarks, and the final shot of Tarpley looking like the chump he is.

That’s right: China invaded Tibet on a mission of mercy to save the country from the clutches of feudalism. Dang! And to think the Tibetan people could be living under such opression still!

Okay, here are a few random questions that come to mind listening to this guy:

– If Tibet was such a hell-hole, why did 80 thousand Tibetans escape the country in the very first year of Chinese occupation?

– Aren’t the citizens of a country supposed to fix their own problems, as happened in neighboring Nepal? Do you truly belive the alleged plight of its people justify the occupation of a sovereign country?

Here’s a good one: what the point of being a feudal overlord and a Buddhist monk? Because I take a look at the Dalai Lama’s meditation and study corner, and think to myself: well, Pablo Escobar he ain’t… Really, you’d think that after 50 years in the gravy the man would have something glitzier to show for it.

Now I don’t know what your beef with the Dalai Lama is, nor am I particularly interested. But in your website you tout yourself as “one of the most incisive critics of Anglo-American hegemony”, and I think this should be rephrased as “one of the most enthusiastic buttlicks of Chinese hegemony” to better describe yourself.

The bottom line is that the regime fears the Dalai Lama, and not because of any “separatist movement” in Tibet (read ordinary Tibetans chafing under Han oppression) or any company connections. But to know what I’m talking about, sir, you’d have to browse this blog and read some of the longer pieces. The parts on karma economics would be of particular interest to you, given the high payback on karma portfolios heavily invested in manipulation and deceit. It is never too late to begin divestment, but first you’re going to have to do something about that pesky pecker…

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