Other Judge to be Judged Too

More novelties in the Garzón case… the Association for Historic Memory, comprised of relatives of post-civil-war disappeared and original promoter of the accusation against the Franco regime, has announced that next Monday 12th of April it will be file a charge against Supreme justice Varela for prevarication, they very same charge Garzón is accused of.

How can that be, you ask? Just another example of the schizophrenic nature of Spanish society. The blues accuse Garzón of prevaricating for investigating the crimes of the regime; now the reds are charging Varela with prevarication for trying to prescribe crimes against humanity.

So who’s got the legal drop in this case? Well, Garzón is based on international law, while Varela is based solely on a specific amnesty law that was placed to protect war criminals. Spain, however, is a signatory of the International Human Rights Court in The Hague, Holland, which brings with it certain obligations, such as keeping its own backyard clean. If Varela is not able to keep this whole thing local, he is toast, because he is indeed in contravention of international law. I personally think he’s a fool for risking his career, but then again fifth columnists aren’t chosen for their smarts, they’re chosen because they obey even against their own interests.

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