Karma Investments – Picks for 2010 (Part I)

The word here at the Karma Economics desk is that this year is going to big on internal energies pushing to come out, with the hidden coming to light at all levels and increased seismic activity worldwide.

Following our usual modus operandi, the KE desk is diversifying its portfolio into activities in harmony with the current state of affairs. Harmonious investments are generally good short- to mid-term performers because they resonate with the larger overall energies and can achieve faster results.

Here are our top three picks for immediate portfolio incorporation. Adapt them at will; karma investments are about essence, not form.

Investment 1: Transparency as practice, not just theory. Examine your deepest secrets and decide whether you control them or they control you. Try some disclosure, see how it feels to have (almost) nothing to hide.
Return: Broken secrecy chains, opening to higher frequency vibrations and better transpersonal relations.

Investment 2: Closet Spring cleaning. Open ’em up, empty ’em out and donate everything you haven’t worn in the past year to charity.
Return: The ability to actually find things in the closet.

Investment 3: Earth-loving activities. Plant a seed, build a medicine wheel, adopt a rock, share nice thoughts with trees or whatever seems right. Feel the love and be creative. Don’t be shy; she’s our Mother.
Return: Having a planet to live on.

As the tides of 2010 ebb and flow, further investment tips will become apparent, some more than others. Here at the KE desk we strive to keep tabs on the state of the flow in order to keep our tips as fresh as possible. There are no guarantees attatched (you weren’t really expecting them anyway), we can only assure you that no good action goes unpunished. That’s karma economics for you!

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