Desperation on the Cusp of Madness

The fun begins for real now in the Garzón kabuki extraordinaire, as the two Spains clash openly once again to introduce new bizzare twists to the case. On one hand, two well-known magistrate judges who are Garzón’s peers denounced the “political persecution” in two separate public events in past days. Today, in response, the same ultra right-wing group that denounced Garzón brought forward charges against these two judges, one for prevarication and the other for misuse of public funds.

A sector of the public displays a Republican Spanish flag at an act in support of Garzón in the Complutense University of Madrid

So, to date we have:
— the original charge of prevarication against Garzón by the ultra groups,
— a charge of prevarication against judge Varela, who is judging Garzón, by the Association for Historic Memory, which made the original charges against the Franco regime,
— two more charges against magistrates for publicly supporting Garzón.

And the real trial hasn’t even begun yet… Garzón is keeping a prudent distance from supporters and detractors alike, because he knows that the forces in play go deep and are beyond the control of any one person. In this kabuki, he is the damsel that stands coyly to one side as the pretenders hack each other to pieces with lawsuits. What will happen to Garzón is still anyone’s guess, but there is no doubt that the field will be strewn with judicial careers by the end of the battle. The only thing that is clear at this point is that the current Spanish judicial system is not fit for a modern democracy and hopefully after this hack fest something better will emerge.

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