Oil spill? Y’all need some hay! (must see)

After watching these two Southern gentlemen demonstrate just how SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD it is to remove crude oil from water, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh because it’s so easy, or cry because this information may not make it on time to save the Gulf Coast, as it wasn’t when the Exxon Valdez or the Prestige in Spain.

Please click here to the see the video on eclipp, which doesn’t embed.

Hayseed know-how: crude but effective (on crude)

Imagine how much the impact of the ongoing spill could be reduced, using a material which is cheap, abundant and inert. Think of how much wildlife could be saved, on the surface and below.

Right now BP is using a chemical dispersant to break up the crude in the water, turning it into a toxic orange-color gunk that sinks to the sea bed, but crude is already reaching the coastline and much damage has already been done. In places like Louisiana, shrimp and shellfish are not luxury foods, but basic staples that are eaten everyday. This devastating blow to the base of the ecosystem will only be tempered if the local fishermen start loading up on hay, spreading it out and picking it back up. Every day spent waiting on BP and the government to clean up this mess is a day wasted and time that will not be recovered. May this news quickly reach those who are on the front lines, and turn the tide of the battle. There is so much yet to be saved.

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