Give That Painting a Voice!

It is often said that great art “speaks” to those who behold it, and indeed art is a universal language that operates above and beyond mere words. But great art also “speaks” in more literal terms, as when the paintings depict characters which make one wonder: what is this figure saying? Every person will hear the paintings say something different, and all of them are correct; that’s what makes art universal.

I approach the task of giving these masterpieces a voice with utmost respect, even if the comments are sometimes flippant or even rude. As a singular example of retro post-modern celebrity cult, such liberties are expected. Some may argue, not without merit, that such an exercise banalizes these great works, but if you compare them to those postcards in Amsterdam with the Mona Lisa in sunglasses and smoking a big spliff, this ain’t so bad, right?

A bit of good clean fun in hard times, folks, with the inestimable assistance of, which was first in the natural search results (congrats) and delivered the goods. If you’re feeling inspired, peek the site and let the masterpieces speak to you. It’s easy, all you have to do is listen. If you decide to make your own talking masterpieces, feel free to let me know and I’ll gladly post them for the greater glory of the blogosphere. The only rule is to have fun, so enjoy.

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