You, Your Person & The Mother of All Cons

I like people who think out of the box because they make my neurones fire in new and ticklish ways. People like Haramein, Stamets, Celente have important things to say and for me it’s a pleasure to help spread the word, because in explaining it to others my own understanding of it takes shape.

When it comes to John Harris, however, I’ve had to overcome many reservations about taking on this subject at all. When I first discovered his “It’s an Illusion” speech on the Tube of You (below), I watched all 5 parts in a single sitting, and, after a couple of days of indigestion, sent the link to the video to a lawyer friend of mine and asked for his opinion. I have not heard from him since, and he refuses to take my calls.

So I decided to forget about Harris and his illusion. After all, there are so many more comfortable and distant illusions to play with…

Then the issue of natural law popped up in the Celente post, and suddenly I found myself watching good ol’ John giving his presentation again. This time I was determined to prove that his terrible truth was nothing but the product of too many hours at the pub with the lads. My method was simple: if what Harris is saying about the UK is true, then the same would apply to pretty much any other Western country such as, say, Spain.

So I went to the (in)famous site of Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. (see video) and looked up ministries, courts and political parties in Spain. Lo and behold, to my surprise, there they were, with their DUNS number!

This is what a DUNS number is

A selection of Spanish Ministries (there are more)

Spanish political parties

Regional Courts of Justice and the Spanish Constitutional Court

Spanish Police Force

Okay, I wasn’t really that surprised. Deep down I always feared felt Harris is telling the truth, and so here I am, writing these lines without having yet fathomed the full implications of the facts presented in the talk, which provoke such a degree of cognitive dissonance that I can actually FEEL my brain trying to avoid the issue. There MUST be another explanation, right? Right? Or is it really the Mother of All Cons, bar none?

What makes it uncomfortable is that John Harris seems to be talking about some alternate reality, but he’s not. He’s talking about something so close we can’t see it without stepping further from the box than most folks are comfortable with. The only thing that gives me hope right now is John Harris himself, because he laughs at himself and he laughs as the audience tries to grapple with the information he is presenting to them. His laugh sounds like that of a man who has gone through the tunnel and found his way out the other side. He seems so SANE… but that may just be his Limey accent playing tricks on me ears.

Friends, assets, fellow men and women of this planet, John Harris awaits on the other side of the looking-glass. Do NOT watch this video unless you’re ready to take a real long step. Learn to UNDERSTAND without STANDING UNDER, and see ya on the other side.

Postscript for my U.S. readers: yes, I’m afraid so:

Thumbnail Art from here via Creative Commons. Thanks!

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