The Catalan Estatut or Charlie Veitch?


Smack in the middle of World Cup euphoria (our boys RULE!), the news of a huge demonstration in Barcelona, with a million or more people filling the city centre bearing senyeres, the Catalan flag, didn’t pick up much traction in the global media… nothing to do with soccer, you see. But it was a pretty big deal over here; Catalans hadn’t come out in such numbers since the protests against Spain’s involvement in the Irak war… and a fat load of good it did us then. See the video of last Saturday’s demonstration here at La Vanguardia site, or get an idea from the photo below:

Photo: Catalans get flag-waving mad

So what’s the rumpus? The rumpus is called the Estatut (Statute), which is the legal document detailing the political and economic relationship between Catalonia and Spain. To make a very long story very short, a new Estatut approved in referendum by the people of Catalonia in 2006 was presented to the central government in Madrid, where the text was passed to the Spanish Constitutional Court (note: a corporation listed in Duns & Bradstreet) to ensure all articles were constitutional. After four years of humming and hawing, last week the Court finally gave its verdict, declaring the juicy parts of the new Estatut –mostly referring to Catalonia’s “national” identity– as unconstitutional and thus deleted. No existe. Adiós.

The Catalan political class dropped to their collective knees and gave thanks for the kind of gift any politico prays for: a chance to wrap themselves in the flag and avoid the REAL issues, like, oh, I don’t know, the economic pit they’ve helped dig us into, aka the FRIGGIN’ CRISIS?

Now here’s where the going gets tricky. Most of my native contacts will agree that the politico class are little more than leeches that are only in this for personal gain, but… BUT the Estatut is another issue, an issue of dignity and national identity, the aspiration of a people too long subjugated by the Crown of Castille. To which I answer: NO. The Estatut is just a bunch of legalese printed on official paper. Dignity and identity lie in the realm of natural law and cannot be given or taken… but can be unknowingly relinquished or waived by CONSENTING to the STATUTES as PERSONS or corporate employees. Do you UNDERSTAND? Yes? Then you now STAND UNDER the STATUTES in representation of your PERSON. Bend over and spread ’em, sucka!

As for the nationalism (patriotism) which has been the driving force behind this ongoing pantomime, I personally don’t hold in high regard ideologies that make of difference their flag. Politicos that expouse such ideologies are opportunists preying on the fears of those that have yet to learn the difference between humans and persons. I care not what historic or current injustices are put forth to justify the us versus them: the only ones who benefit from more us versus them are the crooked politicos on both sides. For the rest of us it’s just the same ol’ same ol’… be the dick Catalan, Spanish or European in no way changes the fact it is rammed up our collective ass.

Now, I’m not trying to lay down a naive message of love thy brother, Bob forbid. We all know things have gone way too far for that. But nothing prevents us from simply refusing to play our assigned role in this vampire system kabuki death march. We’ve been had, folks. We’ve been chained so tight to the machine we think the Matrix movies are science fiction.

But that’s okay, because there is still time to wake up and realize what the Manipulators have worked very, very hard to ensure we never figure out: what it is THEY have that makes them rich forever. Hint: if you place yourself in front of a mirror, you’ll be looking right at it.

The awakening has already begun as the crisis pulls the mask off the true nature of the vampire system. The word is pushing out like jets of water from the cracks of a crumbling dam; slapping the ugly truth in the face of the unwary as they trudge to their daily toil. Especially if they run into Charlie “Love Police” Veitch, a one-man agitprop hit team in the best British surrealist tradition (peek his Tube of You channel for some good ol’ fashioned rabble-rousing at the Toronto G-20). Charlie’s mission is to get the word out, and his approach could not be more straightforward: himself, a bull horn, a street.

Here at 99 Percent Space we like Veitch because he’s got a pair of cojones and humor like the flaming sword of Kali, to slash through the hypocrisy and the lies. He also gets repeatedly arrested and strip searched by voluptuous female copbots whenever he pulls out his bullhorn. What’s your secret, Chas?

Bill Hicks smiles down on us from that place where all the GOOD music is. Rest easy, Bill, your work here continues.

Art photo from here via Creative Commons. Much obliged!

The very day after posting this, La Vanguardia published a telling piece, as usual hidden in the back pages. Here’s the piece:

…and here’s the Google translation:

[Catalan] Parliament reverses itself and rejects referendum on independence

The Council of the [Catalan] Parliament yesterday reversed itself and rejected the popular initiative process for a referendum on the independence of Catalunya on June 8 that it had admitted in first instance. The change of position occurs after the Council of Statutory Guarantees issued an opinion last week, requested by PSC and PP, which unanimously believed that the proposal – made under the Law of popular consultations via referendum approved recently by the Parliament, “is not covered within the competence of the Government.”

Catalan politicos speak with forked tongues… after wrapping themselves in the flag to demand justice for Catalan identity in the Estatut, they quietly defuse any possibility of any REAL popular action by invalidating their own “Law of popular consultations”. Remember, kiddies, that referendums are WHERE THE BUCK STOPS in democracy. Now, why would all those politicos who want us to be “free” try to keep us from exercising our freedoms?

You get three guesses, and the last two don’t count.

2 thoughts on “The Catalan Estatut or Charlie Veitch?

  1. Thanks for pointing me to this! Great stuff. Add an application that has a clear call to related posts with the same themes.

    Maybe you can put me right, I hear that GenCat basically conceded to central Spain’s plans for raising retirement age, [i.e: buying votes] i to give to Cataluna GenCat some hospitals [to close and sell privately]. I read this somewhere in a good source but can no longer find it. Any ideas?

    • The “You Want More?” categories in the right-hand column give you related posts by tags. I’ve added one for spain and another one for catalonia… there’s probably more posts with those two tags than all the rest combined.

      As for your question, I have no idea. It’s all democrazy to me!

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