The Modern Slave’s Guide to Modern Slavery

RULE NUMBER ONE about modern slavery: there is no modern slavery.

RULE NUMBER TWO: you work, you pay, you go to war and you shut the f*ck up. Or else.

RULE NUMBER THREE. Refer to Rule number One.

There is no modern slavery

In school we learned about slavery in his-story class. According to his story, slavery looked like this:

We learned that slavery in the US formally “ended” in 1865. By this was meant that “Negroes” were no longer auctioned in chains right off the boat from Gambia.

Later on we discovered that being of African origin was not a precondition to being a slave. The Romans, for example, liked their slave-meat white…

The Roman Empire was built on military might and slave labor. Rome practiced overt slavery in a rigid caste system: Senators were aristocrats, Romans were Free Men and pretty much everyone else were slaves. Except for the liberti, or liberated ones:

Freedmen and freedwomen, called liberti, formed a separate class in Roman society at all periods. These people remained few in numbers, but Rome needed to demonstrate at times the great frank spirit of this “civitas”, and so trumpeted the freed slaves as hopeful examples. They might grow rich and influential, but free-born Romans still looked down on them as vulgar nouveaux riches.

You too can aspire to become a liberti!

Where does his story end and our story begin? His story ends when the social, political and economic cost of enslaving bodies became too high. Our story begins when the chains and shackles were reformulated to enslave minds instead of bodies. These bonds are not cast in iron, but in ideas. Memes. Brain chains.

These brain chains are forged from an early age. Ignorance is carefully administered during the young slave’s lives. Enslave the mind and the body will follow to its own destruction if so commanded.

Brain chains move millions. These are their bodies. Where are the chains?

The American dream is the capitalist meme: EVERYONE CAN BE RICH. Small print: except the guy who picks up the garbage, the gal who mops the floors and the remaining 99% percent of the slaves population.

We modern slaves owe our soul to the company store. So instead of money, we get debt, which is just like money except that instead of making us richer, it makes us poorer… and we get to work for decades to pay back for the privilege!

Mental slavery is the strongest and most pernicious of all slaveries, but it has one vital weakness: when the chains break, there IS NO GOING BACK. The mind, once freed, can never more be cast in chains. And a free mind makes a free human, and free humans resist against the system EVERY F*CKING STEP OF THE WAY.

But, Aren’t We All Slaves to Nature?

Let’s set the record straight: slavery does NOT fall within natural or common law. To say we are enslaved by our need to breathe, drink and eat is, well, a slavish way of thinking. We are not slaves to nature, we are part of her. And here’s someone who wasn’t a slave: Henry David Thoreau; this will be explained in a future post.

The Modern Slave Guide uses the old-school definition of slavery, that is individuals being the property of others.

Many modern slaves find the idea that they belong to someone else nothing short of ludicrous, which only goes to prove how strong the brain chains are. Now, if you haven’t already watched John Harris, you probably think it is too. But even without going too deep into who owns your person, consider the following: the folks who own the private banks that print our interest-bearing slave money also own the bank that owns your mortgage, and the corporation that owns the company you work at. They own the company that built your car, and the one that sells you the gas, and the ones that manufacture your food, your clothes, your drugs, your television and its mind-enslaving contents.

They also own the statutes under which we abide as PERSONS. These define, among many other things, how much we must pay in order to not go to jail, which fiat currency we use as legal slave tender, and the countless ways the system can f*ck us back front and sideways for STANDING UNDER and CONSENTING.

So, short of a contract signed in blood for our soul, for all practical purposes we belong to them. Until we learn to distinguish between what we are and what we own, we belong to them.

Who are “they”? Well, they’re NOT the clowns that appear to be in charge. The top of the chain goes much higher than that, to people who are so rich they don’t appear in no stinkin’ liberti nouveax-riche Forbes list. Their names can be found in the Net of Inter; we’re talking four or five families at most here, European financial aristocracy of the finest vampire bloodline, carefully inbred to avoid the genetic blight of the slave. They have grown rich beyond imagination by loansharking to kings and governments for centuries, often to finance both sides in wars instigated for fun and profit. Kings and governments have been taxing their subjects for centuries to pay these bloodsucker’s usurous interest. One of the founding family “members” famously said “give me control over a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws“. This became, and remains to this day, the mating call of the bloodsuckers.

The only difference between then and now is that our modern slavery is of global reach and is (often but not always) wrapped in a fine veneer of “representative democracy”, a nice idea that has been manipulated beyond recognition into yet another pernicious brain chain (see Chomsky on “formal democracy”). For the rest, the same folks who were leeching then are leeching now, and with pretty much the same blood-sucking modus operandi. They have turned this planet into a mental concentration camp with the help of slaves that would sell their own mother into slavery, if she hadn’t already been born one. That and weapons of mass distraction is what allows a handful of people –literally one hundred or less– to keep billions of human beings enslaved without getting the Mussolini thank you… so far.

So, I’m a slave… now what?

“Normal” reactions to realizing we are slaves include anger, despondancy, paranoia, frantic despair, and, in some cases, the unsettling “is this real life?” feeling.

Well, what you do once you free your mind is entirely up to you. That’s what being free means.

I for one don’t blame you one bit if you feel angry and want to get even. But in the end all these negative feelings only make the system stronger. The modern slave system feeds on rage, fear and despondency. Lash out at it with any of those emotions, and it will crush you with its institutional pinkies and put your broken carcass on display to mortify others.

Before your untimely demise, however, you can have a wicked time…

There are also real obligations that come from being human. Putting food on the table and a roof over the heads of our loved ones are ties that can’t be simply severed and walked away from. If that means wearing chains, then so be it. We adults might be able to live with it, but is that what we want for our children?

So, if you’re not ready to cut all ties to the system that enslaves you, does that mean you have no choice but to continue being a slave for ever?

The answer is a resounding NO. There is always a choice.

Let us examine the weak points of mental slavery again. The main one is that, once freed, the mind cannot be enslaved anew. But a free mind can also turn strengths into weaknesses. The fact that mind chains are invisible makes them strong as long as they are not perceived as such. Once removed, however, their invisibility becomes a weakness, because NOBODY CAN TELL IF YOU’RE WEARING THEM OR NOT.

Free Mind = Free Wo/Man. It doesn’t really matter what your body does, as long as it is not actively harming others. You can work nine to five, pay a mortgage, pay taxes, be a responsible spouse and parent and STILL BE A FREE MIND. The revolution happens inside, and can be kept there until the time is ripe to manifest, hopefully without having to resort to the Tuttle method.

Meanwhile, there are many things you can do as a free mind slave, because staying within the system does NOT mean being passive. On the contrary, the free mind is constantly coming up with imaginative ways to make of the daily grind the frontline of resistence. Seen from within without the chains, the system is rife with weaknesses and inconsistencies, and there are as many ways of exploiting them as there are free minds willing and able to do so. It can even be FUN!

Free mind thinking is more than just resistence and fun, however. It is about tuning in to higher frequencies and attracting like energies. It’s about asking the Universe to conspire in our favor because –and this is common knowledge beyond the confines of Earth– the Universe actually wants us to be free in mind, body and soul. All WE have to do is WANT to be free. Not think it might be nice, but WANT it with every fibre in our body. The power follows.

I’d like to finish by saying that the awakening will be just like in the video below, but I can’t. On the other hand, what YOU do with your free mind is entirely up to you. All semblance to reality is just one fat coincidence, so… be free.

Photo credits. Good slaves!
slave money:

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rush hour London:

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42 thoughts on “The Modern Slave’s Guide to Modern Slavery

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  2. RULE NUMBER TWO: you work, you pay, you go to war and you shut the f*ck up. Or else,

    this is what life is, now i have a quetion for those who have kids

    question: why would anyone have kids when you know the government will steal your kids to fight in war, you raise these children, you put time and money into your children, and then some government asshole comes along and decides to use your kids to fight in a war that has nothing to do with your country ( fighting a war in Iran for the Zionist Israel ), that kinda of stuff.

    do you demand the money you spent on your children after all those years, or what,or just grief knowing that your children will never come back to you ever, and bury them , what do parents do?

    why have kids ? if some government asshole will steal them from you?

  3. The worst part is when so many people THINK they are free, yet follow around the very same people that set the system up. Good people are struggling to get to the next level.

    Why are so many of this kind in charge and in control? Why is it everywhere you turn and nearly all those yelling across the net are of the same kind? There are only a couple of NO GO places these creatures don’t want you to look at on the net.

    So, GO LOOK AT IT!

    Dig and see if the people you are following have ties to this group. You will be SHOCKED to find out how big the deception is. Most of your favorite writers and website owners belong to this group, or have ties to them. You will never be free until you understand how they operate, and who they are.

  4. The kids of today are not the hope of tomorrow but rather the slaves of tomorrow…..only with a new kind of education will the US be able to take its place once again as the leader of the world, but of course I am only dreaming .

    “No Export = No Recovery”… Ponce

  5. Well, how about giving up US citizenship; any suggestions?
    That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m thinking of New Zealand, Costa Rica, or Belize but other ideas are welcome.

  6. One religion teaches that its members are the Chosen People, destined to rule the world. Another religion teaches that its members are to be humble and obedient to their masters. Guess who forecloses on whom. And guess who created the second religion.

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  8. In this “crazy” world, whose natural beauty and justice has been hidden right under our collective noses by the corrupt filth whom some call “elite”, these mental chains provide most people the only safe and constant anchorage which they can cling ever more firmly to when presented with the choice to stand up and fight or lie down and continue being raped.

    I know, because I was one of the “most people”. My mental chains are breaking by the day, and the feeling of drifting, floating in the clean cool air far above the sewer of my former life, not knowing where I am going, just letting the gentle tide of Truth guide me along the ebb and flow of life… it is this feeling that is starting to catch on … and on … and on

  9. good read and thanks.i’ve been telling my wife for years we are all slaves,imean sure we have a roof over our head it’s the banks,the food in the cupboard,the cars,the kids bikes and there cars they belong to the bank as well.the only time i was ever free in my life was when i was homeless and living in the bad as that time seemed i did learn to survive and i loved being a freeman,like mike rivero says slaves cannot say no.we are all in slavery up to our eyeballs.

  10. I really enjoyed your article very informative. I posted it on my website too hope you don’t mind. Keep up the good work.

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  12. We truly are slaves for as long as our money is debt.

    I believe we can break free, but not while we continue to use dollars and euros as our money.

    We need a new monetary system that’s not just slave-money.

  13. How utterly ridiculous, and childish to boot. Man has always been a “slave” if it is defined as such. When has a man not needed money? When has a man not been beholden to others, for something?

    Slavery means you cannot say “no”. Can you really not say no to television? Can you really not see every movie hollywood puts out? Can you not somehow turn off the radio? If that’s slavery, seems like an easy way out of it.

    The only non-slave I can think of would be a frontiersman, a few hundred years ago. Hunting, trapping, farming. And even then, he’s a slave to his rifle, the blacksmith, to nature.

    Under the definition given here, who isn’t a slave?

  14. Here’s a better question: When has man ever NEEDED money? Ever heard of bartering? Trade of services rendered? Helping and being helped simply because you seek the betterment of all? Oh, yeah, these ideas are “impractical,” since, of course, everyone is too busy fighting over money to give anything of themselves. The selfless notion of helping to ensure others will assist you has been destroyed by the monetary system, which instills selfishness, greed and fear of your fellow man within you. You can’t stop working for that company that bribes your leaders to make the oil that fuels the war that kills the planet because you can’t “afford it”. Afford what? A useless nothing that will be valueless perhaps even a few years (or months . . .) from now? Can’t afford to stop tilling your fields so the baron can prosper? Does that make signing your own planet’s death warrant palatable, knowing that your kids can grow fat and intellectually deprived, and keep on eating their mutant frankenfoods and going off to die in wars being fought with people you don’t hate for reasons that don’t matter in places you’ve never seen?
    Money only serves to benefit those who coin it, and that’s that. Ever wonder what the world would be like without money? If we simply shared our collective resources, skills and abilities to better things for everyone, rather than the few? We cannot comprehend such a world, or at least most of us can’t. Those who can are dismissed as being “utopian,” and told they don’t understand “human nature,” like the natural order of a species is to murder, rape and betray its own kind on a continuous basis so a tiny sampling of the population can live in ridiculous extravagance. Look in nature for some examples . . . oh, wait, they are few and far between, and inevitably resultant from life-or-death scenarios. (like when scientists describe how monkeys fight “wars” over food or the territory the food is on, as opposed to some extravagant ruler monkey desiring to build a second story to his palace and sending in his monkey troops, and somehow try to relate this battle for survival to humanity’s battle for supremacy; such slants are a way of explaining the facts to suit the bias)
    What error in our thoughts convinces us that this crushing system is necessary? It is more or less erroneous bio-programming in your subconscious, all too similar to thoughts like “The world will always be engulfed in war,” though war has not always been a facet of humanity, just the part of history we’re told about. (All those peaceful aboriginals, Native Americans, etc. were “savages,” after all. They didn’t realize how civilizing rape, murder and theft could be I guess) “The richest got there by being better than everyone else and I want to be one too,” and let’s not forget my personal favorite, “People only think of themselves.” Of course this celebrated mantra of narcissism is absurd, just as the rest of them are. Do you hate your family, your friends and those whom you love? Do you seek to destroy their lives or reputations simply to ensure your lifestyle doesn’t drop in quality? Does such a thought disgust you? If it does, as a non-psychopath, you actually do think of others. (Conversely, even psychopaths think of others, even if they can’t process the emotions properly) The only thing to do now, is to recognize this programming for what it is, identifying it when it is presented (television, media, others’ opinions, even your own internal dialogue), and refuting and dismissing the propaganda. Do it until it works. Don’t expect agreement, you’re going to be crashing directly into the great wall of stupid, and a lot of people don’t understand the basis of these mistaken notions. Individually all of us must escape these delusions. No one has to remain in the chains they were born into, but they will if they do not realize they wear them.

    A long rant, but I speak for those who believe nothing can be done, or worse, nothing NEEDS to be done.

  15. The truly free human being is the one who has conquered his mind and senses, the one who is satisfied in the self and does not require external stimulus for his fulfilment.
    So long as our peace, happiness and joy is dependant on the gratification of the senses, we are slaves, to whoever and whatever can procure this gratification.

  16. Good article – might wake a few more people up. Maybe not…

    Slavery is a state of being dispossessed of one’s innate sovereignty – the more freedoms you give up for so-called ‘security’, the more you enchain yourself – ripe ground for psychopaths to prey on you.

    Regain your spiritual freedom within and it will reflect in your actions. I think Jefferson put it more succinctly…

    Still not know what to do? Ok, pop over to – the ALTSA reports their will certainly sort you out, asuming you want to be free, that is.

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  19. Welcome to the Matrix. Anyone ready for the Red pill yet? Our freedom is NOT given to us by those we see in power. It was and is given by That Highest Being in Power, we just have to stand up and say NO! Oh yes we can! Just try it. No more following the “man”, be it the one in the big house in DC or the one behind the pulpit or where that controlling entity wants to be. Just say NO! We were created free and able, it is this stinking system that has enslaved us. But for it to work nation wide or world wide a great awakening must take place. How many sheeple have you tried to awake lately? Spread the word. Pass it on. Whatever it takes, just do it.

  20. The freedom we have is our responsibility to take. Our slavery is chosen, and arises from the willing enslavement of others, the inertia of recent history. Slave money, slave luxuries: what are you not free to walk away from? Kings and scions are slaves to conception. The paper that makes the champagne flow for them ‘pays’ for the rape of the earth in your heating bill or mustard. Where elites can and do walk away they are replaced by other willing slaves. When bomb squad officers walk away they are replaced by other willing slaves. When slaves walk other slaves are there for a turn, and a modern promise of a fed/housed/clothed dignified death. Therefore, be positive in the ruin of biomes for tacky passe crap, for the silly half ignorant primates hardly understand. And that’s me, slave number 3,984,392,543. Love Revolution Up!

    • “be positive in the ruin of biomes for tacky passe crap”… I really hope you’re not referring to my lava lamp.

      Thank you 3,984,392,543. Your contribution is duly noted and will not go unrewarded.

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  23. It was not just ROMAN slaves who were mostly-white; I have read that upwards of 80% of immigrants into the colonies (which later became the first 13 states of they US) were ‘indentured’… in other words, white slaves. They outnumbered the blacks until the early 19th century.

    The difference: the slave-master did not own the offspring of his indentured labourers – which gave him an incentive to feed them less (no need to subsidise unprofitable fecundity).

    Par contre, even THOMAS JEFFERSON knew that a fertile female slave was worth twice the value of the prizest buck – because you could sell her offspring at market (as Jefferson did, even when the offspring were bearers of his very own DNA).

  24. I have news for you. We had white slaves from Britain that settled this country before the institution of Britain came in and took it over. The “puritans” were not as presented. Remember, history is controlled by those that are in power. The real “puritans” were prisoners along with those who had committed crimes and they were used as slaves and treated exactly as slaves were treated. I believe that is what galled the British khazars about losing America to a bunch of cattle rebelling. Its the same now. They want the slaves back again.

  25. Hey, Pak alert, I just caught what you did with my post. You just confirmed my deepest suspicions. Just check the time on the post and then the times on the first and last posts. Its obvious what you are doing and who you work for. Too bad, you used to be a great site. what a shame.

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