Barcelona Bans Bullfights and Beats Back Butcher Bitch Bravado

Full disclosure: I was a cow in another life.

Good on us! Over the gnashing and wailing of the butcher bitch bullfight lovers, the Catalan Parliament today voted to ban the “national sport” of bullfighting in Catalonia by a difference of only 13 votes.

Radical hippy terrorists full of hate and ideals

Today a deep nail has been driven into the coffin of one of the most pernicious lies about bullfighting: that it is somehow “culture” because certain individuals find it “entertaining”. Well, some people find snuff movies entertaining, but that don’t make it culture. Torture is NOT culture. Period. If a noble animal has to be tortured and killed for these individuals to get off, I suggest they grow a pair of testicles, step into the plaza and do it themselves. Now THAT I would pay to see!

But this can never happen. Butcher bitch bravado is about getting hard watching some ponce in a stuffed jockstrap poking a bull to death. Because it is a NOBLE act, don’t you see? If the animal is NOBLE, and you watch it get tortured to death for fun, that makes you NOBLE. Death is NOBLE spectacle… so long as someone else is doing it.

Defending their right to enjoy public bovine executions

The good news for the butcher bitches is that there’s still bullfighting in Madrid, and they are free to move there at any time. I personally will cover bus tickets for 10 of them to head to the capital, on the condition they stay there. Wouldn’t want them to have to live somewhere where bulls can’t be killed for fun! Three centuries ago, they would have left because witches couldn’t be burned for fun. Some folks are just never satisfied.

The pro-bullkill bleachers are crying foul, saying the issue has been hijacked by identity politics which reject anything that belongs to “Spain”. The truth is that bullfighting has been slowly dying from lack of interest in Catalonia (read Barcelona) for decades now. Now it has received, finally, the merciful last strike to the heart. Karma is tickled pink by symmetry.

Drag away this carcass and feed it to the butcher bitches and their jockstrap idols. They need something to chew on for the bus ride. It is but wafer thin…

Thumbnail art from here via Creative Commons. Olé!

Pro and Con gatherings copyright Toni Garriga.

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