You Are Not Sustainable

You separate your trash for recycling, use efficient light bulbs and worry about the carbon footprint of your kiwis. You lobby for biodegradable starch bags at the grocery and make compost from your kitchen scraps. You may even think a carbon tax is a good idea, or that polar bears crap on icebergs.

Save your time. You are not sustainable. You could eat light and shoot laser beams out your backside… you would still be not sustainable. Bluntly said, the value of the commodities required to sustain you is more than what you’re worth. Ergo, you are not sustainable.

“Sustainable Development” calls for drastic measures to avoid you infecting more valuable assets, such as food, air, water and land. These assets belong to the Stock Exchange, and it don’t want your unsustainable ass squatting on them no more.

on the road to Zardoz

The Agenda 21 For Dummies clip provides further details on this definition of sustainability. The screen capture above is from the clip, for those of you who need extra convincing to go watch it… “more education increases the threat to sustainability”. Think about this statement for a moment. Does anyone believe that the elites are going to quit educating their children? So then who are they referring to? Mirror mirror on the wall… Speaking of which, remember the Middle Class? Yep.

Funny thing is, I feel the same way about sustainability, but the other way round. For me it is the cabal behind Agenda 21 who are the threat to the sustainability of the Human Tribe. My thought process is pure logic: among the estimated 6,872,200,000 humans on the planet right now, maybe 1000 at most are full-blooded vampires. That’s some seven million to one; common sense suggests that the interests of the first group should have priority over those of the second, with or without its consent. Just ask Mother Nature how that works…

More revealing, however, is flipping those numbers over to see it from their POV. To remain “sustainable” each one of them must steal the resources of seven million people, with or without their consent. Up to now, they did this behind the scenes, but now that the cards are on the table the hounds have been released in “full sustainability” mode. Equilibrium is expected when 90% of humanity is either pushing daisies or relocated in compounds.

This plan has been in the works for a long time now. Drastic population reduction is practically the only world dominance checklist item left to put in place, necessary to avoid six billion angry slaves knocking on their door some moonless night. Maybe they’re waiting for Mother Nature or the Universe to do the dirty work for them while they ride it out in their bunkers. Then again, maybe “they” don’t even exist and Agenda 21 is going to save us all… just a bit dumber than before.

In the end, the only thing I know for certain (right?) is that, yes, our planet wants for each and every one of her children to be nice to her. But what she needs first is to get those greedy f*ckers off her back, and soon. Maybe she’s just waiting to have them all sitting tight in their bunkers… like that POS 2012 flick, but with a happy ending.

To end with a smile, despite everything, here’s George Carlin on saving the planet. Now there’s a frood who really knew where his towel was at…

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