Karma Investments – Picks for 2010 (II)

Six months have passed since the Karma Economics desk’s last serving of hot investment tips. At that time, we stated that “this year is going to big on internal energies pushing to come out, with the hidden coming to light at all levels and increased seismic activity worldwide.” Now, several earthquakes, volcanoes and a Gulf spill later, it is time to take another look at the State of the Karma and put forth our picks for the last trimester of 2010.

The trend in internal energies pushing out is clearly bullish, and the KE desk predicts it will continue so in the short and mid-term. Investments in transparency and disclosure, as suggested in the previous report, continue to resonate strongly in this energetic flux and should continue to be accrued whenever possible.

Karma is big on internal energies pushing out. Secret plots, scandals, betrayals, manipulation, lies, lies and more damn lies… when the hidden is pushed out into the open, that’s when karmic payback begins. And, unfortunately, there’s a lot more of that to come.

But not all internal energies involve dark and terrible secrets. They can also be dreams, ideas and life projects that have been waiting for their moment to manifest, like sprouting seeds or blossoming flowers.

Tip #1: Invest in concrete actions to further your true life aspirations, and help others do the same.

Return: The life you always wanted.

These positive energies resonate at higher frequencies, giving investors an edge on the market (higher frequency = higher returns) and the opportunity for important gains. Some risky bets are paying off handsomely in the internal emergence sector… just ask the 33 “reborn” Chilean miners.

The key is to be focused and not get distracted. Concrete actions take time and effort, and it is easy to lose impulse when the returns are not yet evident. The constant gloom-and-doom background noise from the TV and other sources of mass distraction makes it difficult to keep positive or smart, which is the primary purpose of today’s mainstream media. Sure it’s good to know what’s “going on”, but when you can no longer distinguish fact from fiction, then reality becomes your narrative versus theirs. And there are no happy endings for us in their narrative.

Tip #2: Invest in protecting your mental space from the background noise.

Return: Being able to write your own narrative, happily ever after included.

You are being informed

Of all the events caused on the Earth entity by the internal expansion energies, the Gulf of Mexico spill is perhaps the most grievous in intent and consequence. Millions are being spent to hide the sight of our mother planet bleeding from her cruel wounds. The destructive parasites who are killing her for a quick buck don’t want people of good intent getting all emotional and riled up and shit. The road to hell, after all, is paved with good intentions… or so say the demons.

Tip #3: Invest in visualizing pure clean waters, sparkling seas and limpid rivers, and thanking this element which accounts for 75% of our planet’s surface and 80% of our body mass. Include a special nice thought for the Gulf of Mexico and those who live there.

Return: A vital part of your happy narrative.

Sending love is a powerful way to bolster natural healing processes, and water is particularly receptive to emotional vibrations, if you believe in Masaru Emoto’s work. While it may be debatable if it actually works, in the end no harm is done, and, more importantly, a good karmic investment has been made. Karma is really big on the love vibe.

one of Emoto's crystals from The Hidden Messages in Water

The love vibe alone is not enough, however. It must be allowed to manifest for things to actually happen, or as Gandhi put it, to be the change you want to see in the world. Please refer to Tip #1.

Our philosophy at the Karma Economics desk is that good individual karma is the best bet when the collective karma is messy. In times of lost ethics, morals, decency and humanity, it is more important than ever to keep one’s personal karma in the black. Come the crunch, that’s where the real value is at…

Thumbnail art via Creative Commons from http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuant63/2916032945.
Extra good karma!

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