Wikileaks: Internal Karma Energies Just Keep Emerging

2010 began with a massive earthquake in Haiti, a strong hint that a time of internal energies pushing outwards was at hand. Here at the Karma Economics Desk we have been working on this premise all year long, and with a month to go, we are seeing an increase in the manifestations of this flow all around, at the individual and collective levels.

Although the energy itself is neutral, its manifestations will be perceived as “good” or “bad” depending on the frequency of the karma they are associated to. The Flow is the same for all; what varies is the frequency at which it manifests, which is determined by the vibrational state -aka karma- of the observer. As we’ve pointed out before in past KE Desk posts, internal energies can be dark, unspeakable secrets or life-long dreams waiting to be born. Simply put, the Universal Flow provides the energy, and we provide the karma which gives it form.

we eat lemons for a living

Of all the recent events involving internal energies pushing out, the case of Wikileaks is one of the most twisted. Wikileaks, in case you’ve been vegetative for the past few months, is a “rogue” internet outfit that supposedly leaks information sent to it by whistleblowers in the military. I say supposedly because the whole Wikileaks thing is so patently absurd as to beggar belief. A rogue website run by a guy who gets interviewed on CNN has the US Government against the wall. Yep, that’s right. He even looks like a villain from a James Bond movie. No, really. The US can’t close down a website that is threatening national security, or have the guy silenced with extreme prejudice. And if you believe that, Uncle Sam would also like you to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge. Such a deal!

So, having established that Wikileaks is just another psy-ops mind fuck cooked up by the usual reptiles who think everyone else is a moron, let us examine it from the karma investment pov, which is where the real value lies. What stands out is just how well the whole setup fits in the context the larger energetic flux: the pushing out of internal military and governmental “secrets” to the open public eye resonates strongly with the Flow right now, as confirmed by the global reach and implications of the Wikileaks affaire.

While in the short term this may appear to work to the advantage of the parties behind the operation, when the karma factor is added in there is a definite risk of the situation spiraling out of control and backfiring in unexpected ways. Resonating with the Flow amplifies karma and, assuming that the karma behind Wikileaks is not of the good kind, this amplification does not bode well for them. Shadowy is the way of the mind-fuckers; one day they’re on top of the world, the next they’re suiciding themselves with multiple gunshots. Go figure.

Here at the KE Desk we recommend harmonized high-frequency karma investments as the best hedge against bad collective karma. The pyschopaths in power desperately need us to keep trading in bad karma, just like they need us to keep trading in their funny money. When a critical mass of individuals choose to rid their karma portfolios of toxic assets and come together as a collective, the game changes. This process is well underway and gathering speed as we reach the Event Horizon, like water spiraling down a drainhole. Meanwhile, the background noise level is rising to new pitches to keep fear and anger as the primary karmic currency among the slaves. Smart karma is now betting big on focused thoughts, words and actions that do not propagate slave memes (ie follow MSM guidelines), with emphasis on gratitude (yes, you do have much to be grateful for), integrity and transparency.

Investment tip: As always, be creative. Karma investments can be about surprising yourself with new ways of handling situations and obtaining unexpectedly positive results. Break old knee-jerk reactions, be more open and flexible. Big clunky armors are for battle; leave it at home some day and realize you are not more vulnerable, but faster, lighter and more powerful.

To end, some recent cases of emerging energies that illustrate another facet of the current flow: the discovery of hidden artifacts of value and significance. This has been an obvious trend all year, just to cite the most recent we have a “staggering trove” of 271 undocumented, never-before-seen works Picasso paintings emerging from a trunk in the garage of a French electrician, and a possible 4000 year-old capstone with a star map carved on it is discovered in Wales.

a pyramid? Preposterous!

But the most spectacular artifact emergence to date has to be the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, where excavations are unearthing what may be the largest pyramids in the world, not just one but a constellation of five, with all the geometry (four-sided pyramid, triangular faces), flat top, substructure (tunnels, corridors), underground passageways and chambers, orientation, astronomical and mathematical concepts and other associated structures. The implications of this discovery are so deep that the scientific community are rooted in denial even as the ongoing work at the site lays it bare for the world to see. They say it cannot be there, and yet there it is. Ain’t karma swell?

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