Nuke the Banksters; Save the Karma

You may have noticed that for the past two years banksters worldwide have been begging to get paid. Bailouts, foreclosures, loan and credit card interests… yep, they are begging for it all right. And, sooner or later, they will indeed be repaid the full value of their portfolios… their karma portfolios, if nothing else.

yep. those ones.

It will not be pretty, because the first ones to answer the call will be the whackos, the crazies and the pipe-hitting niggas from Pulp Fiction. After the initial satisfaction wears off, however, civil society will have no choice but to end the gruesome spectacle or risk replacing one tyranny with another. Many heads were lost in the French Revolution; but countless more were tortured and murdered in the subsequent “Reign of Terror”. Once put into motion, the Death Machine demands its full tribute: this much, at least, history must have taught us already.

For purely practical reasons, the dismantling and dismemberment of the corporate country state should ideally take place using the privileges of “people power”, as the ballsy Icelanders have been nice enough to show us, not only how it can be done, but that it works too.

We are the people of Iceland. Who are you?

For purely karma-related reasons, however, this is not the most likely scenario for other countries. I don’t know how many pipe-hitting niggas they have in Iceland, but I do know that they ended the problem before the common folk had to foot the bank bailout, and thus spared themselves much pain.

The rest of the world isn’t being quite that smart, and we’re allowing our ringleaders to sell (what’s left of) us to the banks without a fight. This will drag out the whole process in time and human cost, radicalizing the action-reaction cycle and creating martyrs on all sides. The Death Machine is but a spark away from a jump start.

Exactly why this must be so depends on many factors beyond the scope of this author; suffice it to say the underlying karma requires it to be so. However, karma is not destiny or fate but the sum of the vibrations we emit. Destiny and fate are long-term plans outside our control; karma is right now and absolutely 100% non-refundable under our control. We have the power to make it better, or much, much worse.

In this context, justice is a key karmic variable that will greatly determine the outcome of the coming troubles. The implementation of justice for crimes against humanity is uncharted territory, and will probably be difficult to separate from revenge, given the gravity of the crimes. What is clear is that there can be no immunity, no plea bargains, no out-of-court settlements. An example must be set that will not be forgotten, but the justice must be above all human, which is that which distinguishes us from them.

The Nuremberg trials were not about justice but power. Some of the worse Nazi criminals were secretly given asylum by the US government as assets against a Red Menace that didn’t yet exist as such. Lesser value Nazis were hung for the same reasons Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked: to show the world that the new order meant business. At the time the use of atomic weapons was sold as a strategic need to end the war and save the lives of Allied troops. Now we can look back with jaded modernity and see that vaporizing hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians was indeed strategic… to instill dread in the hearts of men and goosestep us to where we are right now.

If there ever was a time to try something new, this is it. No more hangings, gulags or killing fields; no more purges or pogroms or nights of long swords. Nothing that will drive us to facism and tyranny. We can do so much better than that. We slaves may not have much money, but we sure got imagination. And, there’s lots of us! I mean really, really lots of us. If each community chips in their way of administering justice to the banksters and their cohorts, then surely some innovative and creative ideas will be forthcoming.

Certain truths about the criminals must be laid bare: their crimes are too large to be repaid in a single incarnation, they are beyond rehabilitation and they do not deserve the mercy of humankind. Precisely for these reasons what we do with them is all the more important. There is no triumph in putting them out of our misery; tempting as it may be, no practical use other than blind revenge is served by taking that which we are all destined to lose anyhow.

If we are to take something from them, it can be only that which we gave them to start with. Not just their ill-gained riches, of course, but their relevance, their authority, and their status. To a reptile, losing power over others is a fate worse than death. Let’s let them live with that while they do something useful for a change, like sweeping for landmines in Cambodia, cleaning the Gulf Coast and filtering the ancient sands of the Middle East for depleted uranium. Of course, many will perish from the inherent rigors of these tasks, but they will be buried as the humans they never were in life, with a first small installment paid on their massive karmic debts.

Let compassion tinge our contempt of these criminals by realizing that they are but part of a larger plan and are teaching humanity a great lesson about what it really means to be human. Bad karma is its own punishment over the span of many lifetimes; it is not our burden to pass judgement on anyone except ourselves. All we need to do is to rid the body civil of motherf*cking parasites in an exercise of basic hygiene. If we just yank ’em off, the heads might stay in and get infected. A drop of oil and a hot cigarette butt and they’re out in a flash. Except they’re so gorged their legs don’t reach the ground. Let the mighty boot heel from the sky come down and… ain’t reincarnation swell?

why you looking at me like that?

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2 thoughts on “Nuke the Banksters; Save the Karma

  1. In the case of Russia, Putin would have you executed but dissents in the US would be spared and sent to FEMA (reeducation)camps.

  2. You said it, in the section where you say, “…their crimes are too large to be repaid in a single incarnation.. “.. There is no single act of revenge or punishment that can be given to these people or corporations – also old habits die hard.. And if not this one, there will be another ugly head waiting to come out with its own scheme.. If Bad Karma is its own punishment over multiple incarnations, whose bad karma’s price did Mark Madoff pay this past weekend.. ? It is heartbreaking to read such news.. 😦
    Interesting site you got here, something that I can read and enjoy.. !!

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