Karma Currency and the Beast

Today is Christmas Day. The KE desk wishes you a season of light, and may the spirit of Georgius the Dragon Slayer accompany us in 2011. Because the time of vigil is upon us, in which we cleanse our karma to prepare for what is to come, whatever form it may take. We’re not trying to sound overly dramatic, but sometimes getting all biblical is the only way to say it. And, it makes shit sound badder. So…

We have been manipulated, conditioned and lied to for so long that our reality has lost its higher meaning. We see ourselves as random products of chance, here for a single fleeting lifetime that has no other purpose than to kill or be killed. We see our planet and the universe as mechanistic and unconscious, just sitting there waiting to be exploited to fulfill our material needs. We see other animals as food, ancient forests as wood and each other as competitors for scarce resources.

This is not the Way of the Human, but the Way of the Beast, grafted like a cancer in our minds by means of deception and measured exploitation of our human weaknesses. We have punished ourselves too long thinking we were the source of these evils; we have been wearing these brain chains ever since Our Story became His Story so long ago. To cast off these chains is to differentiate between that which belongs to us as humans, and that which has been imposed upon us by the manipulators. And then, having separated one thing from the other, to offer ourselves some human forgiveness.

Yes, we are humans and we are far, far from perfect. But we are also far, far better than we give ourselves credit for. The Adversary revels when we embrace evil; it has worked very hard to make us act this way, because it fears our mightiest power: the power of communion between humans; the power of empathy, light, and one love of many humans focusing together to this end. Separated we kneel as human slaves; united, we stand as the Human Tribe of planet Terra.

The Beast feeds on our fear and rage. It’s not really about the money and the power: it needs us to be as motherf*cking miserable as humanly possible to gorge on our pain. War makes us motherf*cking miserable; violence, greed, injustice, disease, corruption and desecration of all that is good and decent makes us miserable. The Beast feeds on it all, and is never sated. But we don’t have to feed it anymore.

Karma currency is what we use in our everyday activities, the small stuff, the pocket change. Because the transactions are often trivial –a smile or a frown are a good example of karma currency– we often take them for granted, much as one buys a newspaper, a loaf of bread or a coffee. But they add up over time, and comprise a significant value share of the average karma portfolio. If ever there was a time to invest in positive thoughts, words and actions, it is now, as the collective karma reaches its darkest hour. The Beast really, really needs us to use its misery as our primary karma currency every day, without which it will grow weak even as we grow strong.

Karma Investment Tip: Care for the details. Smile. Think, say and do random nice things. Avoid bad karma currency on either side of transactions, no matter how trivial. Do not fall into provocation and be humble: the small steps are as important as the big ones.

Some may say that being positive in the current world situation is being unrealistic and downright stupid, but they are misunderstanding the causal chain between perception and reality. The Adversary want us to be reactive, not creative. It wants us to firmly believe that we have no control, because it knows very well that we have all the control. And even if this whole karma issue a load of hogwash, no harm is done in trying to be nice to ourselves and to others. Call it emotional intelligence, mirror neurones or just plain and simple human decency; but never forget it is this that distinguishes us from the Beast and its minions.

Philip K. Dick invented the Voigt-Kampff test to test the cloned human androids in his novella Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? later known as Blade Runner. The only known way to tell an android from a human is its (lack of) empathic response, measured in small pupil dilation variations. The fact that P.K. was a batshit crazy speed freak who thought he was the reincarnation of the prophet Isiah being hunted down by the same Romans who had decapitated him two thousand years ago does not mean he didn’t have some very interesting things to say about reality and perception. But that’s a subject for a future post, when his shit may not sound as crazy as it does now. Just don’t ask Leon about his momma.

Photos: One Thanks!
Liberia stamp photo from http://www.sgsc.org.uk/stgeorge/32_02.jpg
Tribe photo via Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/projetosalamandra/3136190932/

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