The Flow 2011: Increase Horizon

42. Increase (I)

We live in interesting times, maybe even THE interesting times of Chinese curse fame. So it isn’t precisely with light hearts and clear brows that we step into the new year. 2010 was a crappy year for many folks and there is no reason to expect 2011 to be any better. Logic would suggest that perspectives aren’t bright for us small folk.

Except logic is based on reason, and reason is based on knowledge, and the bottom line is that we don’t know jack about what’s really going down, no matter what our preening egos like to believe. Logic isn’t prepared for what is to come, nor does it help us see beyond the material reality that surrounds us. For that we need to bypass the logic circuit and access higher information databanks directly.

There are many ways to achieve this, methods used by humans since the start of time. Healers use kiniesology, dowsers use pendulums, shamans travel the spirit world and divinators use cards, shells, coins, tea leaves and suchlike. All these techniques hold in common that they are designed to “trick” the logical mind by means of seemingly random or non-logical actions, followed by a logical interpretation of the results based on a body of codified (multi-layered) knowledge.

Of all the divination methods, the Chinese Hexagram Oracle, aka the Book of Changes or I Ching, is without doubt a pinnacle of human understanding regarding the Universe and our place within it. Without delving too deep into the Oracle’s vast complexity, suffice it to say that the user starts by posing a question, then bypasses the conscious logic circuit by tossing coins to “receive” the answer (one of 64 possible hexagrams, often mixing young and old lines), and finally engages the logic circuit with the explanations held in the Book.

This time, yet again, the logical mind blinks in surprise processing the Oracle’s answer.

It appears that the State of the Flow is pretty upbeat for this new year, and predicts some real jaw-dropping wow events of great fortune for humanity at large. Now, I may be a cynical and jaded slave, but one thing I know: in all these long years, the Oracle has never lied to me. Which is more than I can say for my logical mind…

So sorry, Mr Logical Mind, but you lose. Your job is to chew on the answers and deal with it.

When posed with the question as to the dominant energy flow for 2011, the Oracle answered with Hexagram 42- Increase (6 in the 2nd place, 6 in the 3rd and nine at the top, for those who are into this stuff). So let’s see what this state of change is about.

Increase can be clearly considered one of I Ching’s most positive and optimistic hexagrams. It is a very special state of change, in which “what is above places itself under what is below”, both metaphorically and literally. It is a time of abundance for the generous common folk (that which is below), a great time for initiatives, ventures and travels. It is comprised of the triagrams of wood energies; the outer is lightning (penetration), the inner is wind (movement). Together, these energies suggest the sprouting of something new in the order of things. Inner energies pushing out, anyone?

The time of Increase is so harmonious that even the misfortunes (because there will be misfortunes and disasters) will turn out to have a silver lining for the bulk of humanity, while certain individuals who attempt to keep the benefits for themselves (“obdurate lines”) will be swiftly struck down by karma.

In short, the energies are on our side and will not be stopped.

And it is not just the energies. In the second old line, the Oracle predicts for 2011 “an unexpected spontaneous happening of good fortune involving Increase through men, through gods and through the supreme Lord of Heaven”. Anyone who consults the I Ching on a regular basis knows that gods and especially the supreme Lord of Heaven are seldom mentioned so explicitly, much less together in harmony with man.

This is no garden-variety “happening” we’re talking about here. Together with the image of what is above placing itself under what is below, an eerie echo of David Flynn seems to be resonating in the background. But that is more than the logical circuit is willing or able to tackle right now.

For now we recommend to start looking into karma investments involving generosity and putting plans into motion. As the Increase flow evolves and the nature of the “happening” becomes apparent, more investment tips will be forthcoming within the general tonic of start small, and think big. The Flow is with us. Happy 2011.

future Redwood giants

Photo via Creative Commons. Flowing!

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