The Karmic Repo Cometh

It hasn’t taken long for the New Year to begin manifesting small scale Increase-related energies as discussed here. Although these energies are not the main thrust of what is to come, they definitely relate to the current Flow and will therefore tend to Increase along with many other things. Here at the Karma Economics desk we’re calling it the “karmic reposession phase” to convey the forceful nature of the collection methods employed.

So what is karmic repo? As a cumulative phenomenon, karma typically has a space-time lag between action and reaction, sometimes over the span of many incarnations. In certain special Flow states, however, this lag tends to shorten dramatically, and even disappear in certain cases. This payback is not only swift but strikingly symmetrical, often reflecting the initial action with mirror-like precision. This symmetry is karma’s hidden signature and word to the wise: what is reflects depends entirely on us.

A couple of interesting manifestations of karmic repo have come across this desk in past days. The first one occurs before the start of a soccer match in Portugal. It is relatively common for single attention-getters to sprint across the field dodging the cops before games, so this was hardly a dangerous situation. Or at least it wasn’t until one of copbots decided to get nasty with the baton. Then, swiftly and unexpectedly…

Never mind who was to blame, or who acted worse, or who deserved what. The fact remains that there was an action followed by an almost immediate reaction in the same coin. True, it is an extreme case… an extreme case of copbot mental retardation, at least. What better place to beat on some overenthused supporter than in full view of a few thousand fellow supporters, right? In any case we expect similar types of manifestation to become more frequent within the Increase context as normally peaceful demonstrators eventually tire of getting beaten and trampled every time they join to protest. Increase energies do not react well to being trampled.

The other case was captured in the photo below, taken this New Year’s Eve by a Phillipino councilman at the very moment the man on the left was firing the shot that killed him. Beyond the chilling nature of the image we find a striking case of karmic symmetry or mirror effect: two men were shot at that instant, one by a gun and the other by a camera. The first one died and the other was arrested shortly thereafter after being IDed in this photo, together with his accomplice who appears on the right. Freak chance? Indeed… with karma’s signature all over it.

say duck!

Why is this happening now? Hexagram 42 (spec. 9 at the top) offers a clue in the context of “obdurate lines* being swiftly struck by misfortune” due to actions in conflict with Increase. At times when the Flow of change is so strong, karma amplifies to the point of taking on almost perceptible density, like a net that bounces back everything we toss at it. The image of swiftly striking misfortune would suggest we have entered such a time.

That said, keep in mind that good fortune will also strike swiftly, if that’s what you’re tossing at the net. Indeed, Hexagram 42 is overwhelmingly upbeat regarding the fortune of common folk in 2011. Although the term “repo” connotes unpleasant collection methods (and one good movie), which will indeed be the case for bad debt, it doesn’t mean that good karma will go unnoticed. On the contrary, the power of Increase greatly amplifies good karma (esp. related to generosity and initiatives, see previous post) by the simple fact of being in harmony with the Flow.

Increase is a state of change that benefits the collective, placing that which is above under that which is below. Trying to impede this from happening is like trying to stop a speeding train by standing in front of it… swift misfortune. Those who on the contrary work to spread the Increase energies far and wide will find their efforts bearing early and abundant fruit. The more we give, the more we receive. Deep is the Way of Increase. Time to grow.

*”lines” refer to specific hexagram lines, which can represent individuals, collectives or forces, among other things.

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