33 Blood Lines Own Our Sorry Assets

Ever heard of the 33 blood lines? No?

How about by some other name: the manipulators, the parasites, the vampires…? Yep, those ones.

The 33 criminal blood lines are the entities we pay tribute to for being “berthed” or birthed into this planet. We are assets of the corporation aka territory we belong to, which are all ultimately controlled by the 33, with the collusion of another 400+ blood lines of parasite wannabees.

In short, the 33 blood criminals own our sorry assets.

That’s not really news. In fact it is a mainstay of the conspiracy worldview, linking everything from UFOs to Boy George. The efforts of many conspiracy theorists linked together by the magic of the net have supposedly brough the harsh light of public awareness to bear on the existence of these criminals and their agenda, making them squirm to the cover of the closest rock.

These entities attain their goals through deceit, subterfuge and violence. When too many people begin drinking from the same well of (potentially revealing) ideas, it only takes a few drops of poison to compromise the integrity of the entire body of knowledge. This is standard psy-ops fare, planting disinformation with the purpose of discrediting a larger emergent truth, and no where is it playing out as intensely right now as in the great big universe of The Conspiracy. After all, it is the 33 masters of deception we’re talking about revealing here. We expect nothing but the motherfcking BEST in terms of poisoning the well.

screenshot of Ryan's dialogue offer to his masters

Enter “Charles”, follicle-impaired NWO fixer extraordinaire, chummily interviewed by Bill Ryan. “Chaz” wants to “kick them [the 33] in the balls” because he had a bad “interaction with a machine” and is a dead man walking. Instant “street cred” as the skinny insider! If you want to know what “Chaz” has to say, search bill ryan + charles in the Tube of You and knock yourself out. Spoiler: NWO plan to bore humanity to death!

More troubling (and far more revealing) are some of the responses to this video that are coming forward regarding Bill Ryan’s attempt to establish some sort of “dialogue” with the 33. This “dialogue” involves a call to “the Captains of Planet Earth” with a “responsibility for the entire Human Family”. You know, the psychopaths who plot to kill us all to make the planet “sustainable” for their ilk. Picture Ryan having his “dialogue” with Leatherface to understand what an obscene, twisted joke he is proposing.

Can't we just get alongarrrggggahhhhh?

Appealing to the “responsibilty” of the 33 is an affront to human intelligence and dignity. Each and every member of the bloodline criminal families is guilty of massive crimes against humanity, which is why “dialogue” is not on their agenda. Either we all die off already or everything they say will be used against them in their trials for bloodcrimes against Humanity, Planet Terra and the Universal Rights of both.

The only “responsibility” we can expect from the 33 blood criminal families and their lickspittles is to their corporate shareholders (ie themselves), which entails humanity being dead, enslaved or both. Calling for dialogue with these mutants is disingenuous at best, and treasonous at worse. Do the words Judas Cow ring a bell?

It may be true that they own our sorry assets, but I for one plan to be the worse motherfcking return on investment I can be. I will be the slave that survives the cull long enough to ensure the exits to the bunkers are buried under a thousand tons of granite so that nothing ever gets out. And if I’m not there to do it myself, my brothers and sisters will be. And if they aren’t… then who gives a fck anymore, right?

They can cull our bodies, but they will never, ever again cast our minds in chains. The idea that humanity has no choice but to dialogue with these psychos is a lie planted to create doubt and division within the growing public awareness. Take another look at Leatherface and ask yourself in all honesty: would you rather chat with him, or bury him under a thousand tons of granite?

Think hard about your answer, because the fate of our sweet assets depends on it.

Bonus for those who read posts right to the bitter end. Crank it up and let it spew!
Thanks to G$ for the peek. Spartacus!

One thought on “33 Blood Lines Own Our Sorry Assets

  1. ‘Nobody thinks twice about a programmer who sleeps until dinnertime and works all night. How do you think the consulting field got so big in the early 90s? A vampire here, a vampire there; next thing you know, banking, mortgages, and techs are being run by us. – Daniel M Hoyt

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