Mother Nature on “Dialogue” with Reptiles

The current disconnect between man and nature is not evolution but manipulation. Our natural connection to our mother planet is cut at birth and kept down by “culture”: schooling, religion and repression (note the implications of the word “culture” in the “great experiment” context… dip in the petri dish, anyone?).

This disconnect is not the way of the Human, but the way of the Adversary. Humans instinctively love their momma; reptiles don’t.

There are many reasons to keep us ignorant, weak and orphaned. Today we pimp our Mother for the whorehouse civilization, but before Our Story became His Story, Nature was our mother and our teacher and pretty much everything of value Humanity knows about the world we learned from her. Stone-age shamans would watch wild animals eat specific plants for specific ailments to discover medicines. The I Ching triagram patterns were supposedly derived from the patterns on tortoise shells. Taoist monk Zhang Sang Fen formulated the principle of internal martial arts after watching a snake counter the attack of a crane by applying the soft principle. And so on and on.

it's like yin and yang all over

More recently, Newton had an apple fall on his head, Darwin went bird watching and Crick and Watson studied cells. The point is nature still has so much to teach us. Now is a good time to stop looking at her through the lens of the Adversary and listen to what she is urgently trying to tell us. Psychopaths disdain and fear nature, and this is a key brain chain to keep modern slaves from relating to our planet as a living being. By pulling the plug on our connection with our mother, they make us pliant to their evil, and that is what we have wrought on her, on each other and on ourselves.

And yet, despite all, the lessons are still there for anyone who is willing to learn. In the midst of the debate generated by the bizarre call to dialogue with the 33 alleged ruling criminal syndicates (see previous post and/or peek xavier hawk in the Tube of You and viewer comments for a case study), Mother Nature has been kind enough to provide us with some perspective on the issue of what kind of dialogue is really needed when reptiles get uppity and pay no heed to the natural order of things, as picked up at SOTT.

allow me to clamp my dialogue in your backside

Certain communication with the croc was attempted –a baleful stare, a warning roar– but ignored. Then it was straight to business. Dialogue, as such, was scarce. Yuh, you say, cause they’re dumb animals, they can’t like sit down and work it out like we can. Wrong. We’re the dumb animals who actually let the motherfcking crocodiles eat our cubs. SMART animals act in accordance to the natural order of things and keep it simple: you don’t “dialogue” with creatures that don’t love their momma. Especially when they taste like chicken!

One thought on “Mother Nature on “Dialogue” with Reptiles

  1. Deep down resides our reptilian consciousness. If commerce does not exploit and fuk with it, then we could live peacefully with one another.

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