Increase Update I: Tunisia Uprising

While it is still too early to see who are the real winners of the Tunisian uprising that toppled the regime of Ben Ali, the sequence of events that have taken place in this small North African country are very much in line with the Increase energies predicted for this year, as covered here.

Specifically, we wrote:

It is a very special state of change, in which “what is above places itself under what is below”, both metaphorically and literally. It is a time of abundance for the generous common folk (that which is below), a great time for initiatives, ventures and travels. It is comprised of the triagrams of wood energies; the outer is lightning (penetration), the inner is wind (movement). Together, these energies suggest the sprouting of something new in the order of things. Inner energies pushing out, anyone?

The time of Increase is so harmonious that even the misfortunes (because there will be misfortunes and disasters) will turn out to have a silver lining for the bulk of humanity, while certain individuals who attempt to keep the benefits for themselves (“obdurate lines”) will be swiftly struck down by karma.

you think it hurts?

The Tunisian scenario indeed began with a misfortune, when Mohamed Bouazizi, a young man, set himself ablaze in mid December to protest against unemployment and the rising price of food. 10 days later, the then still president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (photo, in dark suit) posed for AP visiting the victim at a safe distance. Ben Ali, a textbook example of an “obdurate line”, at that time had no idea that after holding the nation in his grip for decades, it was about to slip away practically overnight… such are the swift strikes of karma.

The protests grew larger and larger, generating growing social movement and penetration, until Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia. Then everything really started falling apart, a process which is still ongoing at this time as the purge of regime elements continues.

What remains to be seen is what kind of order sprouts from this uprising. If it is a true popular uprising, then there may well be a positive outcome for the common folk of Tunisia; if however this is another CIA color-coded revolution in the name of corporate interests, the average Tunisian may end up recalling the despised regime as the good ‘ol days.

Breaking news right now on the teevee: seems like the Increase energies have reached Egypt, Tunisia’s BIG neighbour. Folks are out in masse demanding the end of the Mubarak regime, and surprise! the riot cops have been ordered to step aside to avoid fatal incidents like the ones in Tunisia. Now we’ll get to watch the Egyptian regime squirm and twist in the growing heat, at least until Mubarak sneaks away to join Ben Ali in Saudi Arabia, as many of his compatriots are asking him to.

Why these energies have started manifesting first in North Africa may simply have to do with being the weakest links in the chain, so to speak. Countries with old corrupt regimes are the first to tank in a global crisis, their citizens are the first to feel the pinch and take the streets. As the price of basic foods continues to rise, the rest of the Maghreb region –Algeria and Morrocco– as well as Cuba, Burma or Iran may well face similar revolts.

Which does not mean they will not happen elsewhere too. The coming months are one long slope for this snowball to get bigger and badder. And it will, because that’s just the way Increase goes. Keep tuned.

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