Increase Update II: Egyptian Empowerment

Powerful popular uprising in Egypt, brought to the world via the extensive live coverage of Al Jazeera. Even for those of us keeping an eye out for Increase energies, what’s going down in the ancient land of the pyramids has been surprising in its swiftness and intensity. And we haven’t even finished January yet.

The situation is still ongoing and far from resolved, but so far the Egyptian uprising has given us some high impact images and an insight or two regarding this kind of massive social upheaval.

The photo above, posted by @abanidrees at Yfrog, is an instant icon for the Egypt uprising, and is what led us to call it the Egyptian Empowerment. The photo captures the spirit of EMPOWERMENT, which is nothing more and nothing less than LOSING THE FEAR.

While it is fair to point out that the fellow in the photo had evidently lost not just the fear but the better part of his common sense too, the image illustrates how a small change inside a person’s head can manifest in very powerful and unpredictable ways. To use a computer analogy, the basic change from fearful to fearless is a single bit of information, a 1 that becomes a zero for the [FEAR] state. However, this single bit of information is buried deep in our reptilian mind and guarded by a phalanx of carefully nutured lies, so it is very difficult to reach in and hit the switch. Unless the phalanx of lies suddenly crumbles and leaves it unprotected, at which point…

It is also worth noticing that the flying empowered gentleman pictured above is not following the attire guidelines recommended by the “official” Egyptian uprising manual which has been spreading in old-fashioned printouts and photocopies throughout the internet-stricken country these days (below, a page from the English version of the manual). Conspicuously absent are the hooded sweatshirt, the goggles, the gloves, the pot lid, the scarf and the spray paint… and if he was carrying a rose, it must have fallen during the charge and gotten trampled by the thousands-strong mob that was charging in behind.

The first insight that can be gleaned from the Tunisian and now the Egyptian uprisings is that the cops disappear as soon as the tide turns, because they don’t want to get a taste of their own medicine. As soon as the first cop turns and runs, the veneer of authority is stripped away, the lie crumbles and the fear becomes anger. Although the protestors in Egypt hardly had the chance to put the practical manual tips in practice before the cops vanished to form groups of roaming thugs but without the uniforms, let the authors rest assured that somewhere not so far away, in a not-so-distant future, others will be donning their goggles and roses to do what needs to be done. If this is the price to pay to feel human, they are ready, and so are we.

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