Increase Update III: Libya or Bust

“We either die in the streets or they will kill us in our homes”

Increase, increase and more increase. The old son of a bitch Mubarak and his mutant progeny are gone; now the old son of a bitch Gaddafi and his mutant progeny are on their way out. And the way things are going in Libya, they either move fast or they’ll end up swinging by their necks on the lamposts of Tripoli for the jubilance of the people and the consternation of tinpot dictators and obdurate lines worldwide.

The Libyan uprising is making the Egyptian one look tame by comparison. Where in Egypt the army refused to shoot demonstrators from the get go, the armed forces of Gaddafi’s regime have shown no such qualms and have been using artillery fire and even war planes(?) to shoot demonstrators. The death toll is in the hundreds, and the country is burning down. There is no point in holding peaceful demonstrations when the regime has made clear from day one that it is willing to use weapons of war against the people… even when they are attending the funerals of previously murdered demonstrators. The phrase at the start of the post was twittered to Al Jazeera by a Libyan demonstrator, and sums up the bottom line of the struggle against the regime: fight standing or be killed on your knees.

uh, could you just shoot yourself already?

Like all tinpot dictators and their mutant progeny, Gaddafi and the seed of his loins are shrewd, ruthless and really fcking stupid. I am watching his defiant from-the-bunker speech and it’s so pathetic as to elicit more pity than anger. Not that being pathetic will matter much to the mob or the judges, whoever gets to him first. However, given Gaddafi’s penchant for being the drama queen, a Hitler exit is not out of the question. So much more dignified than being hung naked from a lampost, although not nearly as illustrative, and no guarantee that he won’t get strung up anyway.

The obdurate lines –in this case, old mummified strongmen– that are trying to hold back the Increase energies are getting their doses of swift misfortune, as predicted. Here at the KE desk we don’t buy the notion that the invisible hand of the US or globalist interests are the cause of the unrest in Africa and the Middle East. They are scrambling to protect their interests, but have no more idea of why all this is going down than do the raving strongmen that are facing the power of Increase and staining their pantaloons in bewilderment.

No, the trilateral bilderbergers are not behind the uprisings, although they may like us to believe they are. But they will definitely try to cash in on whatever happens, following their usual modus operandi of “when blood runs the streets, it is time to buy”. The very nature of the Increase energies, however, make it a bad time to attempt to profit from the misfortune of others, since this is tantamount to hogging the goods and will be met with swift misfortune. Of course they will not be able to avoid it; it is their nature, even if the frog sinks…

would I lie to an armored frog?

Generosity is the name of the game now. This will separate the wheat from the chaff and clear the playing field of everything that stands between us and the Adversary.

Then it will be our time to start shopping around.

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