Welcome to the Whorehouse

Note: no pros were harmed in the crafting of this post.

The idea of modern humans as slaves has always been an important part of this blog’s narrative. In fact, the most popular post to date is the original Modern Slave’s Guide to Modern Slavery about the funny money system and the brain chains that tie us to it.

Since then, there have been a few more Modern Slave Guide posts (tag “slave” right), and indeed the slavery meme can be found lurking in different guises throughout the blog. All arise from the ongoing effort to process a large toxic truth into homeopathic doses that can be consumed without overdosing, using humor as the sugar coating. Kinda where Morpheus meets Willy Wonka… blue pineapple gumball or red cinnamon jawbreaker? The choice is yours… ha ha, ho ho, on we go!

It has been a slow and dirty hip grind on the dancefloor of the doomed with one of the ugliest issues in the room, and it has taken its toll. It is finally evident that we are not passive recipients of slavery but willing participants of a scheme which is even worse than slavery.

Welcome to the whorehouse.

That the “master business plan” of the 33 pimps should be none other than the oldest profession itself is karmic humor at its darkest. Because in reality we are not slaves, all we gotta do is to put out for our pimp and his buddies, and his buddy’s buddies, and the rest of the time we’re free to pimp our own assets and maybe even the assets of others too. We’re whores, and we like it just fine that way.

Real slavery is forced, never chosen, and real slaves dream of freedom. Whores give it up for money, and dream of doing the same to others. Sure, go ahead and blame the pimps… he said he’d hit me if I didn’t take it up the asset. Boo hoo. Now shut your flap unless it’s to earn in-cum for the pimpmeister, you whore.

And the same goes to all those who think life is about whoring every day for money and forcing your whoredom on those who dare dream of a world without you and your pimps.

Speaking of whores and pimps, the Bible come to mind. Not just because of the Great Whore currently sitting in the papal pederast perch, but rather because the good book is actually all about whoredom. Special peeps to tangel476 for prompting the dust-off of the King James for a closer look at Daniel, because apart from the striking import of his revelation in the light of current affairs, it led to another look at the “new” part starring JC, the man from Nazareth, and the woman known as Mary Magdalene.

The manipulated narrative is that Mary Magdalene was a whore that was saved by JC. The unoficially “restored” Da Vinci Code version is that MM and JC were actually married, had kids. But it is more than that: the real context has been turned completely inside out. In reality, MM was the only person in the town that WASN’T a whore, which is why JC chose her as his wife. This attempt to make JC look like a self-aggrandizing whoremonger is exactly the kind of tarnishing one would expect from the Vatican self-aggrandizing whoremongers… hey, our boss did it too!

We have been bought, sold and used like whores because that is exactly what we are. With all due respect to real prostitutes, who possess more dignity and self-respect than your average whores in ties and uniforms, because at least they know what they are. We, on the other hand, are delusional whores who firmly believe we are anything but, even as we bend over and spread ’em wide every time the pimpsters snap their fingers.

It’s a sad fcking day when being a slave actually seems like the lesser of two evils. Because while all whores are slaves, not all slaves are whores. In fact, whores don’t like slaves because slaves aren’t in denial (nor in the Nile, for that case), and slaves don’t like whores because while slaves die struggling to be free, whores die protecting their pimps. They have made their choice and will not be cheated of their place in the Eternal Whorehouse. Maybe it’s already too late… maybe no-one here gets out alive.

Hit it.

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