Spanish Tails: Quaddhafi Takes Madrid, Zapatero Bombs Tripoli and Garzón Strikes Back

Bombs Away!
So imagine you’re the president of a country whose EU neighbours are going bankrupt, with unemployment at 20+% and a crisis management as effective as tits on a hog. What do you do? That’s right, do like the gringos and bomb the crap out of someone, in this case Libya, under some official-sounding international mandate. Exactly why we have joined this ill-advised military caper is hard to fathom, maybe it’s just old historical habits manifesting under pressure (Matamoros or Moorkiller is a common Spanish last name), but most likely it has to do with trying to make tits look useful on a hog.

In truth, Spain wouldn’t be bombing the mad dog Quaddhafi (that’s how it’s spelled when he’s in mad dog mode) if French president Sarkozy hadn’t turned in to a one-man “Bomb Libya” campaign and called in the favor Zapatero owed him for supporting Spain’s membership to the G8 back before the hogtit crisis. Not that it matters much to the growing number of Libyans “liberated” in a rain of missiles and depleted uranium rounds… were they really so naive as to call on the forces of darkness and expect anything else in return?

Meanwhile, the mad dog continues to bark from his stronghold, ranting against his enemies real and imaginary. In a flash of historic perspective, Quaddhafi said he would take the rebel stronghold city of Bengazi and march in “like Franco marched in Madrid”, referring to the end of the Spanish civil war in 1939. This seemingly out-of-context reference was more than a barb at Spain, it was a message to the people of Bengazi regarding the “fifth column”, a term coined by the fascists during the Spanish civil war to refer to fascist supporters hidden within the city’s population and ready to wreak havoc.

The resuscitation of the Franco meme from such an unlikely source may be anecdotal, but it is part of a larger karma harmonic which is beginning to oscillate anew in the Spanish public consciousness. Just a few days after Quaddhafi’s comment, the corresponding symmetry appeared in a completely unrelated context: the reappearance in the news of firebrand Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón.

Fire in the Hole
It has been almost a year since Garzón was last seen around this blog; since being temporarily suspended of functions awaiting trial on charges of prevarication by the Spanish Supreme Court, he has been working as assistant to the presiding judge of the International Penal Court (IPC) in The Hague. Tag him at right to catch up on the context, but in a nutshell judge Garzón tried to open an investigation into “alleged” war crimes committed by the Franco regime in post-war Spain, and was swiftly suspended of duties by the Supreme Court for violating a Spanish law that grants immunity to the regime criminals dating from the early 1970s.

In my last post on Garzón, I wrote:

All I know is that if I were those judges, I would NOT be happy with the idea of Garzón getting all chummy with the folks over at the Penal Court in The Hague. Karma loves this kind of symmetry, counterbalances and so on. Hairy mojo is particularly poetic at creating nemesis archetypes bearing divine retribution shitstorms.

The Garzón case is an attempt to pull off a politically-driven hit and run with an old and dilapidated legal vehicle from the regime days. To pull this off, the case cannot veer a single inch from the narrow road of Spanish law; unfortunately for the drivers, the intended victim is forcing them to take the highway of international law, where their legal vehicle will find its way swiftly to the junkyard.

In a preemptive move, Garzón has brought a lawsuit against the Spanish Supreme Court to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for denying his right to independance as a judge for investigating possible war crimes. Helen Duffy, his lawyer to the European Court, explained that Garzón “is being punished for implementing Spain’s international obligations”, in reference to the investigation of war crimes of the Franco regime.

With this lawsuit, Garzón is forcing the issue into the context of international law, which is exactly what the Supreme Court wants to avoid, and for good reason: the Spanish immunity law they are throwing at Garzón is invalid under international law, which does not recognize immunity laws for war crimes and crimes against humanity. If they are forced to admit this, the entire case against Garzón not only goes astray, but indeed will be turned on the instigators and judges who participated of the charade.

While Garzón is a controversial public figure and widely disliked in many circles –as befits any competent judge– he is doing something that needs to be done and indeed should have been done long ago, a deed of basic humanity as is allowing thousands of Spanish families to recover the remains of their relatives that lay buried in mass graves throughout the country. It seems fitting that as part of the Increase energies at play this year, even the dead should be demanding to be heard after seventy years waiting for justice.

Until then, let mad dog Quaddhafi take Madrid and keep it, for he is a more fitting ruler for a country built on the graves of the disappeared. In return, Zapatero can keep Tripoli and stay there. At least until both of them are called to The Hague to answer to presiding judge Garzón… hey, stranger things will happen. Just wait and see.

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