So You’re Dead. Live With It

Been feeling stranger than usual lately? Having a hard time figuring out why? Welcome to the club.

Of course there’s a lot going down between the seen and the unseen, but in the midst of all the noise there is something cutting through at a different vibe just waiting to become a conscious realization.

It was clif high at Half Past Human who put his finger on it. He calls it “la puissance de la mort” because he’s an eclectic kinda guy; in plain English it would be “awareness of death”, in ever plainer terms “feeling like a dead man walking”.

“It does no good to be pissed about it.
You are dead. They murdered you, and you need to get beyond the anger that this knowledge brings. There is yet work you must do.”

So here’s the situation: the cull has already happened in the form of a radioactive death cloud emanating from Japan. Kinda like the humanitarian cull in V For Vendetta (the original graphic novel, not the POS motion picture) when V informs the doctor that he killed her while she slept.

The doctor’s relief is today mine. True, our cull isn’t humanitarian by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s beside the point. The point is that being dead men walking gives us great power, allowing us to shed our fear of meeting the Dame and put our short remaining time to good use.

Of course, we could also keep pretending everything’s just hunky-dory and postpone “la puissance de la mort” until our bodies are too weak to do anything but curl up in fetal position and expire. Indeed, our cullers would like nothing more than for most of us to do just that. Even better, we could dig our own graves first and curl up directly in the coffins. That’s what a GOOD slave would do, see?

If one is willing to consider the possibility that the Fukushima meltdown was not quite as accidental as it may appear to be, call it HAARP, Stuxnet or just the criminally bad idea of storing used fuel rods ABOVE the reactor, then one must take the next step and assume that the cullers are already heading to the bunkers to wait out the radioactive shitrain.

Even if it all was one horrible, unpredictable accident, they are heading to the bunkers, which are prepared to withstand extreme radiation… except the ones designed by GE, which will promptly implode when exposed. I for one totally support the elite locking themselves down in underground bunkers, but only on the condition that each one takes his/her body weight in spent fuel rods with them. Then we can blowtorch the hatch shut from outside and play “Schrodinger’s Reptile”, a real-life version of the famous thought experiment originally performed on theoretical felines.

The rest of us can run but we cannot hide. We can waste valuable energy being angry or scared or running, or we can conserve our energy by simply refusing to cooperate. Non-compliance is more than just energy efficiency; it is the best way to STOP GIVING AWAY OUR ENERGY TO THE MFCKING SYSTEM. Our money, our time, our attention, our fear and loathing… all ways in which we feed the very entity which has killed us.

Want to rise up in arms against the system? Then you’ve already lost. The use of violence is what defines the adversary; if we feed it more it will only grow stronger.

We ARE powerful, individually and collectively. It is true that the adversary has taken great pains to disempower us as individual slaves, but it is also true that it depends on us collectively, and it needs us much more than we need it. If we cut the physical, mental and emotional ties to the system, the system fails, not us. We tend to believe we need the system to survive, but in reality it’s the other way around… another “inversion of reality” in the best manipulator style.

Shunning. That is how clif high calls it, and I think it’s a perfect choice of word, one that sums up the action and the feelings that motivate it. We will do nothing to you, nothing with you, nothing for you. Everything you are and have to offer will be sidestepped like so many dogshits on the pavement.

We can’t back down and run because you’ve left us nowhere to go… oh wait, the Mars colony? How Blade Runner. No, you see, we the Human Tribe of Terra are actually from this planet, so we think we’ll be staying despite your dogged attempts to kill her and us. You, however, are invited to fck offworld right now and go get it on with the Martians… good luck with that.

So you’ve killed me and everyone I love, except as far as I can tell, the only thing that has perished here is you. In my eyes, you are the dead men walking: zombies, manipulators, pimps and whores, sinking under the karmic tsunami you have brought upon all of us. Which of us is going to realize it first?

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