Do Two Antis Make a Pro?

Some time ago, I lived above a small city square where the neighborhood antifascists would gather and make merry at night with beer and/or cheap wine with coca cola, bad hash and head-butting contests as the general tonic, ending at about 3 AM with the ceremonial smashing of bottles to much drunken cheering.

members of the local anti-fascist posse

The antis’ self-proclaimed mission is to keep the territory free of fascists (fachas). By fachas they mean the guys who dress just like them: buzz cuts, doc martens, tight jeans, leather jackets… you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two from their clothes or their demeanor.

I later learned that there were distinguishing characteristics: red shoelaces mean you are anti, white that you’re a facha. Also, the antis are big on the Catalan identity thang, ska music and the Barça “Crazy Boys” hooligans; while the fachas are big on the Spanish identity, thrash metal and the Madrid “Ultra South” hooligans.

bona fide facha posse

There had been a time in which small groups of fachas would roam the streets of the neighborhood shouting “viva Franco, arriba España!” at the top of their lungs and playing cat and mouse with the cops in the narrow streets of the Gypsy zone. Truth be told, they have not been back since the local antifascist watch started being more visible. I have a theory that these two groups actually avoid each other like the plague, unconsciously aware that they would annihilate each other with a great release of energy if they were ever to touch each other. Or maybe it’s simply because they can’t tell who’s who in a melee.

To borrow physics terminology, what we have here is fascist particles and fascist anti-particles. Note that despite being the antithesis of one another, both are fascist, which is exactly what the similarity in look suggest. This apparent contradiction (try telling the antis they are actually fascists, and see how they react) is actually the application of a higher universal law: we are bound by what we hate, and freed by what we love. Said otherwise: show me what you hate, and I’ll show you what you’re chained to.

the dream of reason creates monsters

Being anti is not an optimal state of being in a pro universe, and requires much “reasoning” to prop it up, the same kind of logical process that ends up leading to atrocities in the name of enlightment. Goya included such reason in his “Disasters of War” lithograph set with the lapidary phrase captioned above.

This can be seen in many websites and blog posts that follow the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach, driven by a burning anti-imperial (read USA) worldview that supports any tinpot dictator or populist leader as long as it is appears to be working against US interests.

Castro, Putin, Chavez… mtherfcking heroes of the proletariat. Even Gaddafi “isn’t so bad after all” now. All because they don’t do the bidding of the American imperial pimpmeisters. Never mind how they manage their countries, all that matters is that the larger order is being questioned. Jailed and disappeared dissidents and critical journalists? Ingrained corruption and cronyism? Leader idolatry and tyranny in the name of the people? Who cares? They told Washington to shove it, right?

Not right. The moment being anti-something means supporting evil in any shape or form, it becomes no different than that it is purportedly against. Let’s not kid ourselves, the “enemy of my enemy” is NOT my friend when the enemies are warring criminal enterprises. To take the side of one psychopathic leader over another is really no choice at all.

the hegemons

We are clueless spectators to –and participants in– the shadow clash of the hegemons. Call it US versus China, or Rockefeller versus Rothschild, it’s playing out here, there and everywhere. The good news (for us) is that like the baleful raven, the warmongering of the vampires has come to perch over their fireplaces quothing: “Nevermore!” For generations these bloodsuckers have provoked wars to gain money and influence, so it is hardly surprising that they are not only warring against Humanity and Lady Gaia, but against each other too. It would be of supreme karmic justice for them to exterminate each other, if nothing else to spare the slaves the karmic burden of having to do it.

Anti-system cannot exist without the system, which means they are as vested in it as any mid-level bureaucrat. There is no need for slaves to be anti-system, just human.

There is no anti-darkness. Just Light.

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