Satan’s Little Helper in Election Celebration

Yesterday, Sunday the 22nd, was election day in Spain. Not the big general elections, but the local elections for regional presidents and mayors. Nevertheless, it is an election of great significance, given the current social and economic situation and the general elections due next year, if not sooner.

The results confirm what the polls were forecasting: major losses for the socialist party PSOE and strong wins by the conservative PP (note: both corporations listed in Duns & Bradstreet). The participation was just under 50%, slightly higher than other years, and evidently the impact of the ongoing manifestations in Madrid, Barcelona and throughout Spain did not affect the conservative win, an issue which had their media very worried last week as they fervently insinuated that the ETA terrorists, the Catalans and the socialists were behind the 15-M movement, which would be comical if there weren’t so many who use these lies to perpetuate the forceful hegemony of Madrid. As one Catalan commentator put it: “lucky the 15-M demonstrations started in Madrid, because had they started here in Barcelona, they [the conservative media] would be calling to bomb us again.”

What is simply not conceivable to the conservative pundits and the people they represent is that the 15-M movement is not based on deceit and manipulation… as we say in Spain, the thief thinks everyone steals. Although the demonstrations began during the campaign, it never really was about influencing the election, but about expressing the general feeling of disgust generated by the campaign itself. The only noticeable effect of the 15-M on the elections were the 584 thousand blank votes (a new record high) and the 389 thousand null votes, which togther account for less than 5% of the total votes.

Does this mean that the movement has failed? On the contrary, it only appears that way to those who still think it was about these elections. Even if the sit-ins in Madrid and Barcelona were to end tomorrow, the seed has been planted and the first sprouts have appeared. And even if they appear to wither, the roots will be growing strong and getting ready to push up bigger and stronger than before. And not just here. But let’s make no mistake, these demonstrations are NOT a surprise to the powers that be, what surprises them is that they’re taking so long to manifest.

Speaking of the powers that be, La Vanguardia published today the following photo of the newly elected mayor of Badalona, a satellite city of Barcelona. Now, I don’t go out of my way to find occult symbolism in everything (although I do enjoy a peek at Vigilant Citizen every now and then), but sometimes it just too evident to ignore. By now you’ve probably realized I’m not talking about the bald guy with the pen in his shirt pocket (who is looking at what, exactly?) but the boy standing next to him with a blank expression, presumably his son, and specifically the motif on the boy’s t-shirt. One doesn’t have to be an expert on the subject to recognize this particular masonic symbol of dollar bill fame, although this one has a couple of extra-creepy value details such as the imploring arms and the skull in the eye’s reflection.

So, let’s line up the questions that randomly spring to mind looking at this photo:

1. WTF?

2. No, really, like WTF, man?

Possible scenario 1: mom and dad have to dress little Timmy for the celebration of their candidate’s victory. Timmy refuses to wear anything but his favorite tee, which his parents think is some rock band or something. Timmy tells them that if they force him to wear a different shirt, he will make such a scene they would regret ever having met and f*cked.

Possible scenario 2: mom says to dad: “the candidate says to drug the tard and set him up front in the sacrificial tee for the photo.”

Such esoteric symbolism may pass under most radars, but is far from accidental and is understood by the intended recipients on both sides of the issue. The lines are being drawn and the forces are gathering under their banners. This is Spanish history, over and over. On one side, the people; on the other Satan’s Little Helper. Can we save ourselves his future?

3 thoughts on “Satan’s Little Helper in Election Celebration

  1. Start adopting Russian ethics
    “Knowing that much of decent living depends on illegality”- D. Shipler

  2. Can someone explain us how the manifestations in Madrid, Barcelona and throughout Spain did not affected the conservative win?

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