The System is Against Us

The fact that we are chained to a global slave system that exploits us as chattle is more than a simple piece of information; it is knowledge that protects us in the long and difficult path to freedom. We are fighting for our lives against a system that wants to keep us as stupid, helpless, sick and frightened as it can without damaging productivity. Only those who learn to stay informed, capable, healthy and strong within the belly of the beast will have a fighting chance to make it to the goal, otherwise the only way out will be feet first.

One of the messages from the Spanish 15-M movement that got a lot of traction in the public consciousness was “We’re Not Against the System, The System is Against Us”. This is a fundamental meme, a paradox which forces people to reevaluate their relationship to the system in a different light closer to the underlying reality.

Coming to the realization that the system is designed to harm not help is a painful pill to swallow, but once it’s down it provides powerful immunity from the brew of system memes we lived submerged in, an individual bubble inside which the mind can focus, the body can heal and both can come together in a stronger whole.

This individual bubble is not egocentrism or escapism or newageism; it is survival instinct rudely awakened to the fact that we are already under attack, that we are being actively preyed upon even as we sleepwalk through the meme soup we call reality. Many people in fact seek a protective “cocoon” to evade a world gone crazy; unfortunately for them, many end up taking presecription drugs for “depression”, “anxiety”, “post-traumatic syndrome”, “attention deficit whatever”, “compulsive yadda yadda” and a long etcetera of “conditions” that are nothing more than our own unconscious trying to wake us up to the fact that we’re getting killed here.

The artificial pharma drug cocoon is designed to desensitize and confuse, impede true focus and indeed facilitate further infection by further deactivating our natural meme immunity. The bubble, on the other hand, requires no doctors or drugs or even teachers to activate, and in fact can only be activated from within: a spot of meditation, a pinch of awareness; learning to listen more to oneself and less to what we’re being told. In the pitch and roll of these troubled times, finding one’s centre is the only way to hold one’s ground.

Passivity will only get us swept away by the tide. The system is moving in to finish the invasion of our bodies and minds, and this is where the real war is going down. For most of us, freedom right now is little more than an ongoing battle to keep the system from taking over our lives completely. Today we strive to keep healthy and clean and as far away as possible from the system of corporate governments and their officers: doctors, police, judges, bankers, taxmen and meme pushers. Today we find our centre; tomorrow falls Babylon. Or so we must tell ourselves one more day…

If we fight, we may lose; if we don’t, we have lost.

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