The Redundancy Wars

As Merriam-Webster tells us, redundancy is “the quality or state of being redundant” and “chiefly British: dismissal from a job especially by layoff”. Indeed, redundant was the word used to describe the staff of the Brit tabloid News of the World, shut down after 160+ years due to the ongoing wiretap scandal. Never mind that it was the most widely read rag in the UK and generally considered the flagship of the Murdick (which is how real Scots pronounce it) media empire; this scandal surfaces at precisely the worse moment for Murdick (insert karma and/or some powerful adversaries laughing here), who is about to close a huge deal to take control of some major satellite TV platform or something like that. Serving the head of the offending tabloid on a silver platter to the public opinion appears to be Murdick’s strategy to salvage the TV deal, but the ventilator has been switched on and the tabloid poopoo is spewing far and wide, reaching all the way to Downing St. with the arrest of the PM’s press secretary and ex-NoW director.

Now, I can’t say I have any more sympathy for these 200 redundant tabloid employees than for the millions of redundant workers worldwide who didn’t earn their keep rummaging through other people’s garbage and calling it journalism. These guys stand to get a nice “shut the fck up” settlement payola, which is more than most redundant workers get, and probably more than they deserve. But this isn’t about who gets what, it is the very concept of redundancy in and of itself that needs a closer look.

Redundant is “exceeding what is necessary or normal : superfluous”. Sometimes redundant is good, as in backup systems in case of failure; most of the time it is bad, like an extra Murdick at a wedding. Most people can understand the bottom line: you don’t need two people doing a job one person can do. But many may find it difficult to grasp that this isn’t about working more or being more competitive or taking it even deeper up the asset to save one’s job. The douchebags at the top of the pyramid care not about efficiency; all they know is that we are redundant from the business plan called the new world order. As far as they are concerned, we are redundant on this planet and indeed in our own skins.

This is not a metaphor or waxing poetic to get the point across. We are literally redundant as assets (human resources aka slaves) which cost more to maintain than we’re worth to the system. Now, you may have never heard of Jordan Maxwell or Maritime Admiralty Law, and maybe you’ve never wondered why money “flows” or why ships are female and dock in “berths”. Perhaps nobody has ever told you what those numbers on your Social Security card REALLY are, or why those same numbers are printed on dollar bills.

It doesn’t matter. Reality functions in layers, and most of us have enough dealing with our own layer to really care much about the layers above and below. Sure, a lot of shit don’t make much sense but hey, the world’s a crazy place, right? Well, it is definitely darker and much more bizarre than our chained minds are capable of processing as reality. So we can call it crazy until we understand that there IS method to the madness, and our collective redundancy is part of it.

Our redundancy is systemic, not circumstantial. To put it bluntly, the douchebags consider several billion human beings on this planet are exceeding what is necessary for the new order, and have slated us for asset liquidation aka sustainability. No more homes, no more food, no more cash, no more credit… let the spectacle begin! In the reality layer of the modern emperors, the world is the Coliseum where slaves kill each other for their wealth and enjoyment. It’s the new world order reality show, where everyone is Truman and nobody suspects that the moon is an eye in the sky. Hey! A spotlight just fell from the sky! What’s on TV?

In times of rampant manipulation and control, common sense is often the only thing that allows us to slip out from under the crushing sway of the illusion. Common sense refers to the collective (common) intelligence (sense) and usually follows a straightforward logical process based on personal or collective experience. Most humans apply this sense instinctively, although it can be –and often is– manipulated by way of deception. Case in point: common sense would suggest that if anything is redundant in our current system it is not the assets but the managers who have proven to be criminally incompetent and directly treasonous in their duties. We see them making off like bandits as they suck us dry, laughing their way to the bank every day as they dream up more ways to screw us, and yet… somewhere before the logical conclusion, common sense gets jumped, gang-banged and snuffed by hooded memes on meth, so we end up reaching the illogical conclusion, namely that we do indeed owe these parasite bankers and their bitches for reasons that are “common knowledge” (translation “the ignorance of the common man”, not to be confused with common sense).

Here is something for common sense to chew on: without the occult system bleeding us like a leech, we’d get along just fine, but without us the system crumples like a cheap paper cup and the powermongers are left in command of a whole lot of nothing. The redundancy wars are a final attempt to keep common sense at bay, although they may very well turn out to achieve exactly the opposite. Common sense says that it’ll be happening sooner than later, but that may actually be common knowledge. So, what’s to eat?

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