The Modern Slave Glossary of Double Speak

Dig anywhere in the field of modern slavery and eventually the word layer emerges. This is where it all begins; our slavery is coded in arcane legal language which manipulates words to hide their meaning (see the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights for an example of legalese-coded slavery in plain sight). In the same way, the entire illusion of our slave reality is based on word manipulation as a necessary element of mind manipulation.

Words are the basis of memes and brain chains. They can be extraordinarily empowering or destructive; anyone who believes the old saying about sticks and stones has been well and truly brainwashed. The powers that be have taken great care to keep this knowledge occult in order to use it to their own benefit, but the dedicated work of a handful of researchers and the magic of the net have brought this dirty secret to the light so that other sad, self-hating slaves like yours truly can keep flogging it.

The scope of the problem is, in one word, daunting. Opening one’s eyes to the extent of the verbal subversion is like putting on the sunglasses in They Live! and looking around (go ahead and watch the scene, you know you want to), except the “technology” used in modern doublespeak is not signal transmitters but “cognitive dissociation”, which in layman’s terms means “lying through one’s teeth”.

The following collection of terms is far from comprehensive, but it can serve as a starting point for further study. The rule of thumb is that the actual meaning is usually the opposite of the one implied. Either that or it’s just another covert term for slavery… after all, Rule Number One of modern slavery is that there is no modern slavery.

The Double Speak Glossary

Consent: Doublespeak for being deceived and/or intimidated into giving up one’s natural rights. To consent means to stand under the coded Statutes (the “rule of law”) in representation of one’s Person. Thus terms such as “consent of the governed” are technically correct; the deception lies in hiding exactly WHAT the governed are consenting to (see Human Resource).

Democracy: A powerful meme, it keeps the slaves pacified with cyclical changes of political figureheads that represent the same corporate oligarchy. Sold as an expression of freedom and the antithesis of dictatorship, in reality the word democracy means “rule of the mob” and the only difference between it and dictatorship is of form, not content. Chomsky has written extensively on the “formal” (read false) nature of the modern democratic system, in which everyone goes through the motions but behind the scenes it’s business as usual. But it is Jordan Maxwell who phrased it most succintly: “democracy is fifteen Klanners lynching a black man: they voted, he lost”.

The term democracy is the new doublespeak for corporativism, the system in which corporate and state interests intertwine to pervade and control every aspect of society. The old name, fascism –named after the Roman fasces or bundled sticks (photo above, fasces in the US Capitol)– lost public favor after WW2, but the ideology behind it went on to become the very military-industrial-state complex we live in today. Every passing day another fig leaf of the democratic disguise is shed to reveal that voting every four years is not the same as living in freedom.

Human Resource: A human “berthed” in a territory and forming part of the tradable assets (resources) belonging to the owners of said territory. Stripped of legalese, it is a codeword for slave. Human Resources possess two distinct facets, a God-given physical form (Human) and a State-given legal identity called a Person (Resource). Persons are tradable debt securities accountable to corporate statutes such as the Tax Code, the Penal Code, the Da Vinci Code and so on.

One’s Person can be best understood as a virtual representation of oneself in the hidden dimension of the slave-based economy. In this hidden exchange our Persons are bought, sold, securitized, derived and junk bonded just like pretty much everything else in the world. In turn, the human being standing in representation of his/her Person consents to abide by the Codes and submit to law enforcement officers or suffer the consequences.

In sum, it is the Resource that is accountable, but the Human that does the paying. This is what we call modern slavery.

Mandate: An authorization to act given to a representative, often symbolized by a stick or staff (to keep the herd in line), a term used widely by elected politicians to justify their status. Back when Reagan was first elected President, Gil Scott-Heron had a few things to say about mandates from a simple arithmetic point of view, mostly that 20+ percent of the registered votes represents such a small proportion of the entire population that it can hardly be called a “mandate of the people.” In this sense, he is absolutely correct: the mandate of the people is but a subplot of the democracy myth. As any lawyer will tell you, by definition mandates come from above, period, and everything else is just touchy-feely buffalo manure.

Not, as often believed, code for having encounters with humans of the male gender.

Person: See Human Resource.

Public Education: Doublespeak for indoctrination and dumbing-down of the slave population to increase dependency on the State. Designed to promote conformity and rote learning in detriment of creativity and self-sufficiency, and to groom young slaves in the 9-to-5, bell-driven, authority-figure-supervised life that awaits them as future productive units.

Public education is often seen as one of the great achievements of modern society, but it is mostly a powerful tool to control information and the ability to process it at a critical formative stage of a slave’s life. What is really taught at school and university is to fit in, toe the line, parrot the script and kiss the right assets. Any actual facts provided to justify the use of the word “education” are grossly distorted if not downright fabrications.

In this sense, public education is indeed one of the great achievements of modern society… just not for the slaves.

Public Health: Doublespeak for “we own your body”. Public Health, which btw is neither public nor healthy, is one of the darker facets of the corporativist system to control what we eat and drink, the drugs we take, the medical attention we may or may not receive and –last but far from least– to decide what is “healthy” in every aspect, including behavior, appearance, language and lifestyle choices.

The fact that Public Health is not healthy becomes self-evident when the interests of Big Pharma are factored in. If your business plan involves selling drugs to sick people, exactly what kind of policies will you be lobbying for inasmuch the health of the public is concerned? ‘Nuff said.

Redundancy: The state of being more expensive to maintain than one’s net worth as an asset. Redundancy isn’t about jobs or competitiveness: it is a systemic condition of the slave economy that now affects 95% of the human population (see Sustainability).

Sustainability: Sold as a Mother-Earth-and-You love fest, sustainability actually refers to protecting the value of natural assets worth more than the slaves living on them. These assets –land, water, raw materials– are held as collateral to the national debt by the world’s financial institutions and they don’t want a bunch of CO2-farting, resource-burning slaves squatting on them. Think Green & Kill Yourself!

Any credibility the sustainability/green eco-nazi cover story may have aspired to was lost in the absurd attempt to convince people that carbon dioxide had to be taxed or polar bears would die of AIDS in Uzbekistan. That this brazen ploy to charge us for breathing almost played in Peoria just comes to prove how well public education performs its task of promoting uncritical thought, if any at all.

Terrorism: Imperial doublespeak to describe any form of resistance against the system; also known as National Security when state-perpetrated following the Problem-Response-Solution gameplan. The fact is terrorism has never been legally defined by the UN because they can’t find a way to describe it without outing most member states as de facto terrorist organizations. Thus the term is used freely and further unrolled into new terms such as “unlawful combatant”, “indefinite detention”, “war on terror” and anything that serves the final purpose of keeping the slaves buying into the protection racket.


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6 thoughts on “The Modern Slave Glossary of Double Speak

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  2. You left out “understand”, as in “Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?” Answer NO! I do not stand under those rights, I retain my own Human Rights. After that, don’t say anything at all, as “Anything you say will be used against you”. That means anything, including “No” or “I want a lawyer” or ANYTHING at all. No matter what you say at that point, it is taken as Consent.

    • Good point, thanks.
      I agree that it is worth pointing out that, when used by officers, the word “understand” actually means “stand under” or submit.
      The glossary is a work in progress; I appreciate the feedback & will include the term in upcoming versions.

  3. Fascism in the real sense of the word means united by racial kin. The fascism of the 1920’s was a complete defense of the Bolshivic (jewish) terror that was spreading in Europe. These Nations States did not have time to dilly dally with so-called democrazy nonsense.

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