Mother Nature Has Last Word on World Yute Day

gotta admit the guy's got pull

So, during the week of the Papone’s visit to Spain, I stoically held my verbal peace and declined to post more rants to play into the church’s full spectrum dominance game. Long-suffering readers of this blog know I make the Easter Bunny’s words my own, and there isn’t much more to add except for the fact that I believe this whole Yute Day event has another very different reading than the official script, and is much more closely related to dominionism than peace and love. Although my bias is so obvious I can’t even spell correctly when writing about the holey roamin’ catch-a-licks, I know idolatry when I see it, and how all vertical power structures feed on massive acts of leader adoration.

the wet habit contest was held with fervor

However, the final act of the Yute Day deserves a second look and can be explained in a mostly unbiased way just by looking at the pictures from El País. The final discourse of the Papone was to take place yesterday evening in the Cuatro Vientos air base outside Madrid, where at least a million yutes had spent all day waiting under a merciless sun at temperatures that reached 45ºC (113ºF) and caused over 800 sunstrokes. The dark clouds started rolling in just as Papone rolled in, and just as he started speaking, the wind started, followed by thunder and lightning and abundant rain as if to wash it all away. By the time the storm passed, there were seven people injured, the Papone was gone and his discourse left unspoken.

the pagan god of lightning appears to test the faith of the yute

no! if it gets wet, it dissolves!

Which leads one to wonder at the timing of this flash storm, typical this time of year, which can only be described as surgical. Not to mention the hellish heat in the preceding hours. Now, if I were someone who believed weather has agency (no, not HAARP) or even that there is no such thing as coincidence, I would have little choice but to wonder if Mother Nature is trying to tell us something here. Or better said, tell them something there.

The Sunday newspapers reaction to the weather event depended entirely on the degree of Paponism professed by each publication. The Monarchist-Pay-pissed rag La Vanguardia makes no mention of the storm on the front page event coverage, while the Plebe-Godless-Red rag Público puts on its front page bottom: “The Storm Blew Away The Papone’s Discourse”, but of course does not go as far as to imply what I’m implying, because they are atheists and must pay tribute to the god of rationality.

I guess true faith is impervious to the fact that their holey trinity let the elements lash their main peep and prevent him from speaking at the culminant moment of his entire stay. It is a test of their faith, you see, to ignore that god’s own representative on Earth could be blown away by something as pagan as Mother Nature, because that would be confusing from a vertical structure pov as far as the chain of command is concerned. The last message by the Papone in this morning’s mass was a warning to not follow god on one’s own, because “he who gives in to the temptation to follow this path alone runs the risk of never finding JC or following a false image.” Looks like the damage control has already begun…

True faith does not require one to disregard facts, but to incorporate them into a larger conceptual framework. The belief system that holds fast despite the evidence cannot be called faith but memetic mind control, which works on both sides of the issue (full spectrum dominance). The atheist that says god doesn’t exist because children starve in Africa is buying into the catch-a-lick narrative bait, hook and sinker. True faith isn’t about god watching you with a stick in his hand; it’s a horizontal expansion of consciousness that implicitly understands there is more out there than meets the eye. From there on, it’s up to each one of us to decide just what it is, what it means & what we do about it.

In truth, the holey see narrative spinners are not so much worried about the impact of the storm on the trooper’s morale, but in the accounting department: rumor has it the insurance will refuse to pay for the storm damage, claiming it was an Act of God. The theological implications of this are so disturbing that the insurance company’s CEO and board members may be invited to go discuss it with god in person. If there’s one thing the Papone can make good on, it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

A last word on Yutes:

11 thoughts on “Mother Nature Has Last Word on World Yute Day

  1. I live in Madrid, some distance from Cuatro Vientos, and not a drop fell where I live. I did see and hear the lightning but that is all. So, all the rain and the wind must have hit exactly where the papal show was held. Amazing. If I was a papist and if I did believe in divine providence, I’d be very worried…

  2. Shame! Shame on you, no respect for the pope, calling him “papone”!

    You should address him as the “popiola”, in respect!

    Here is a link for you to do penance:

    Delerium – Lamentation (Trinity Remix With Enigma & Lisa Gerrard)

    Wild rebel Amazon- Goddess/Nature Worshipper

    • Yeah, the Pope. Great servant of God…even when he was in the Hitler Youth. The Church has been money laundering since before there was a mafia. The priests have been in little boy’s shorts since at least the 9th century. Yeah. Real class act. BTW, when the Pope was here in San Antonio about 25yrs ago, he had something odd happen. The stagve that was built for him had huge twin oblisks(look up oblisks/pagan ritual) on each side of the stage. Just before he was to start speaking, a freak storm hit the side of town where he was located. Winds gusted up to 75mph and blew his stage over. The storm started and ended within 3mi of ground zero. The Church still doesn’t get the message.

  3. Have you coined that little marvel:

    “roamin’ catch-a-licks…”


    First time I see it. If you coined it, I envy you!

    I quit the comment box, can’t really keyboard correctly under too strong a fit of fou-rire.

    Thhhanks! :-)))

    • Hey Wolf, glad you enjoyed.

      Don’t envy me for coining the term… as Ruben says below, I’m just a people hater, faithless, envious, and party pooper. But then again, he’s a pay-pissed, whereas I am pissed for free. Such is life…

  4. I can almost see an eye where the lightning strikes from and another across to the left. Indeed, there are plenty of theosophical implications.

    Does anybody see what I saw, or is it just my imagination?

    Remember seeing the Devils face in the during the 911 fires?

    Something is trying to tell us, Something.

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