Producers Tweak Uncertainty Factor for Galaxy’s Hottest Reality Finale

Trillions of sentient beings throughout the galaxy are focusing on a little blue planet lost in space as it hurtles towards the grand finale of the most widely followed reality show in recent galactic history: Terra Wrecked. And the CoreFeed show producers want to keep everyone guessing by putting every option on the table and letting the chips fall where they may. One way or another, they promise a gripping spectacle to the very end.

A Feed Feeler report

By now, it’s a classic: the participants are birthed on a distant third density planet as hu-mans (a wink to the legendary planet Hu-Mantor feed, the first to use a 3rd density set), returning to a level of existence that includes time, gravity, decay, death and rebirth of their material bodies. In this setting, without access to their memories and limited in their perceptions, they pursue their successive lives in search for the hidden exit: loving, fighting, hurting, nuturing, killing, dying and birthing anew. The result: a giant mosaic of raw emotions spewing forth like a volcano to make the Terra set one of the most intense feeds of the Core, with ratings that triple other feeds.

Critics of the show claim that Terra Wrecked is little more than “Core garbage”, low-frequency vibrations bursting at the seams with violence, hate, perversion and despair. Indeed, the vibrational qualities of the feed is a controversial issue, but one that only seems to push the ratings to further heights. The producers deny the claim that they are deliberately promoting extreme conditions on the set to increase participant agitation.

“The hu-mans are responsible for their own problems and solutions,” explained a producer. “Our doctrine has always been one of limited intervention, for the simple reason that it makes the set more realistic. In any case, the hu-mans have proven quite creative in generating their own dramas, far beyond our initial projections.”

As a note to critics, he then added:

“Terra Wrecked is where redemption meets the grit of density, a daily struggle against all odds, a journey of discovery and a time of reckoning. Yes, it is a hard experience, but it’s the one CoreFeeders want to feel. For those who prefer less grit and more bounce, the Planet Teletubby feed might be a better option.”

So what about the long-awaited grand finale? With a growing cast of characters and a plot that keeps thickening, the producers insist the ending has not been scripted and the plot twists are unpredictable emergent phenomenon that can be worked around, but not controlled. The growing issue of rubberneckers coming to visit the set, for example, was considered a major problem when it started but then developed into a storyline of its own (under the quaint label of “Unidentified Flying Objects”) which has become yet another option on the table for the grand finale. But as a producer put it, “we spent a lot of time building on the ‘are we alone?’ doubt, and we don’t want some yahoos from the Centauri boondocks coming here on a joyride and spoiling the surprise factor.” According to Feed Feeler correspondents on the set, the sight of security chasing off rubberneckers as seen from the surface of the planet is becoming more frequent and overt, leading them to speculate that the flying object narrative may be gaining ground in the final outcome.

increased sightings of rubberneckers getting chased off the set are reported

The Conspiracy Twist
A few seasons back (each season lasts 108 cycles of Terra around its star Sol), the Terra feed was rated to be as exciting as watching bacteria sleep, and the producers decided to inject a hard twist into the narrative with a new storyline known as the Conspiracy Masters, a gripping and uniquely Terran scenario that launched the feed to become the galactic phenomenon it is today. The story began with a small group of hu-mans and entities of unknown origin who, driven by greed, boredom and unresolved base urges, conspire to trap all hu-manity within a complex web of deceit, manipulation and slavery.

The Conspiracy Masters lapel pin © CoreFeed

At the time, this storyline was scoffed at as absurd and futile. No-one could imagine that an entire sentient race would allow itself to be enslaved by such an overwhelming minority, except maybe the show producers. “Well, when we saw how quickly they accepted that they are the only sentient beings in this Universe, we realized it’s not that hu-mans are easy to deceive, it’s that they actually WANT to be deceived and to participate in their own deception. That’s what the Conspiracy Masters are: hu-manity’s darkest desire become reality.”

The build-up of the conspiracy storyline has taken the galaxy by storm, and is the topic of much debate everywhere from mother planets to remote outposts. The Conspiracy Masters have become the galaxy’s favorite villains, and the feeder community is torn between its desire to see them fall and its curiosity as to how much much badder they can get before they do. The producers, of course, deny any foreknowledge as to how this may happen, if indeed it does, or how it would tie in with other possible storylines such as asteroid impact, pole shift, nuclear meltdowns, supervolcanoes, megatsunamis, epidemics and other natural disasters. But they do mention a set reform scheduled for just about now that could, just maybe, bring some unexpected surprises.

“The contract clearly states that planet Terra is responsible for set design issues; she decides what and who goes where, and when to change the configuration. Her only responsibility is to keep at least one location habitable for the hu-mans, although if she dedides not to there isn’t much we can do about it. So who knows?”

Set redesign, as seen from the set

An entire galaxy, maybe more, lies waiting for the outcome of this epic drama with bated breath, in some ways even more than the hu-mans who live it as reality, for their struggle is universal and primeval. Our journey to the center began thus, at the edges of density, and the Terra Wrecked feed is the best way to nurse the nostalgia and give thanks for evolution, all at the same time. We give the feed two bodily protrusions in positive polarity, but with a final caveat: if the hurt starts feeling good, you’ve gone too deep. Happy feeding, feelers!

See the first report on Terra Wrecked here

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