Video: The Money Sold Abroad is Who?

You’re here looking for modern slavery, right? That’s ok, no need to be embarrassed… be assured there are plenty of people out there who are searching for the same. We welcome more of you around here every day.

If there’s one thing you are not, it is alone.

The bottom line of modern slavery is that humans can be bought and sold. Here at 99PS we’ve discussed this issue in numerous posts, but many people still consider the idea that persons are tradable assets nothing short of ludicrous. Alas, most if not all our global economic woes will continue until we realize what the real value behind the “markets” really is… hint: it’s not the handful of flabby reptile-worshippers that are hoarding all the money.

The following video is one of many produced by the Freedomain Radio Tube of You channel that tackles this and other issues related to modern slavery in clear and compelling terms. It complements the Modern Slave Guide’s commitment in providing quality content to modern slaves everywhere, and it is our pleasure to contribute to its diffusion.
After all, we know where the real value is at…

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