The War of the Words

The structure of power rests on two pillars: force and words. Without dominion over both, the structure sags and crumbles. Until recently, the powers that be (PTB) controlled words as tightly as the use of force, but this monopoly has been ended by the ever-expanding blogosphere armed to the teeth with a veritable arsenal of words, words and more words: fragmentation words, heatseeking words, cluster words, MOAB words and even alien death-ray words.

In this War of the Words, the PTB are outmanned, outgunned, outsmarted and plain out of luck. Their only tactical advantage was the control over the distribution of words; ever since that front was overrun by hundreds of millions of bloggers, they’ve been retreating in disarray.

Just compare the casualties since Internet began, and since social networking took off. On the PTB side, secrets have been revealed, whistleblowers heard, lies unmasked and leaders fallen. On the 99 percent side, entire repositories of empowering information has been fed into the rapidly-expanding public consciousness. In this war we are legion; collectively, there is no amount of data we cannot crunch and no stone we cannot turn.

Things were easier for the PTB back when only aristocrats and clergy knew how to read and write, but times change and eventually they had to share the secrets of words with the general populace. However, they kept legal language outside common language in order to keep the population ignorant of how these words were being used to enslave them.

Today it seems kind of sad that all this time, for so many generations already, we’ve been standing under a bunch of words written in contracts and statutes and constitutions. Does anyone still think our natural rights are granted to us by words? Or that words give some the right to oppress others?

Does anyone really believe all those official words and numbers are worth the paper they’re printed on?

Force controls the body, words control the mind… but only to the extent that we are unaware this control is being exterted. Once aware, the words of slavery lose all power and become what they’ve always been: ink on paper, with no more power over a human being than a child’s drawing of a stick figure. It really is as simple as that.

Signs in Wall Street. Click to enlarge

The War of the Words is spreading, from Africa and the Middle East to Europe and now the Fatherland USofA. In New York right now, the words of justice and freedom are standing firm in the belly of the beast as the bought-and-sold whores in uniform make their futile last stand, trying to beat back ideas with sticks, mindlessly protecting the big lie as it sucks their soul into its black hole.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will devour my soul…

The massive armored destroyer words are bogged down under constant attack by small arms words and rocket-propelled words. Their Law & Order is under assault by Human Rights and Justice. Their Mandate is taking heavy damage from Truth, Transparency and Accountability. Their Free Market has been overrun by Public Awareness of Criminal Impunity. Their very Existence is coming under siege by the Arising of the 99 and their call to Words. For there is one thing mightier than the sword, it is the pen which writes the words, but only when these words make people stand and say enough.

The time of great men is over. There will be no leaders in the final march, because leaders symbolize the word, and the word now belongs to us all. Every single human being that stands up to resist against the system is the voice of the 99 percent; let them hear us if they dare, because now it’s our word against theirs.

Art Credits: worth a thousand words!
Power of the Word illustration
Occupy Wall St signs photos from

10 thoughts on “The War of the Words

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  2. well said, we need to see the wood and the tree’s, here’s a good wood and trees for you
    Deconstruct the words goverment and politics and see the wood
    GOVERNMENT latin verb and noun “gubermare” = CONTROL and “mente”= MIND”
    POLITICS poly=many and tics=blood suckers

    “in the sand the line draw deep
    for ALL will be lost if we fail to keep” peace and love

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  5. Well well well. You talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. You didn’t post my comments. Sensitive little dears, aren’t you? I’ll be putting it about the blogosphere that u r false opposition. That still doesn’t mean I’m decided on “Occupy Wall Street/DC/Wherever, but I have made up my mind about this blog.

  6. Ummm, boy do I feel foolish. I must have made some kind of mistake the first time I tried to post here. Anyway, at that time I made a couple of points about why I’m undecided about this whole “Occupy-” movement:
    -I don’t get exactly what it’s trying to achieve.
    -According to a guy called Walter Burien, govt.s in America and presumably elsewhere have two sets of books. One of them, the CAFR, is the real one and govt.s are the biggest corporate entities and are doing roaringly. The public never gets to see the CAFR.
    -If this is true, then going down to your local business districts seems rather pointless. Any corporation you care to name is a minnow compared to gov.ts.
    -As such, it is right to question how genuine this movement is. Are people being diverted from the right target and having their energy and will power expended in the process? Most of the people in this movement might be genuine, but there is a question mark as to who is behind it.
    -Madison Ruppert and Activist Post are probably false opposition, regardless of supposed attempts by Google to close the site down. The blog has a recent article saying the gangster George Soros spoke out in favor of Occupy Wall Street. That doesn’t necessarily mean the whole thing’s compromised, but I am nevertheless looking for a good explanation as to why someone like himwould be in favour. The article says that his support provides ammunition for all the Soros haters. I found that comment strange-as if there’s a band of people with nothing better to do that “hate” him.
    -Is Maddison Ruppert a relation of Mike Ruppert, the 9/11 truther who spoils it all by saying it was all about the elite-serving myth of Peak Oil?
    -One more point: Sorry to quibble, but you stated that govt.s have had a monoply of force. What about places where the people have at least some force directly in their own hands-the US with the Second Amendment, Switzerland and even France to some extent?

    • Hey Tin Can,

      Glad to see you sorted out the post issue… hope you’ll be able to unmake your mind about this blog. I don’t know if I walk the walk, but I never censor reader comments because IMHO reader comments are often more interesting than the posts they refer to.

      So I appreciate you taking the time to make your point here… again.

      Here’s my take: as I discuss in “The Bankrupt Century” post, the US Federal Government has been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy since 1913. For all intents & purposes, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank have been running the government ever since. So I actually believe the opposite of what you say: protesting government is the waste of time. There is only one REAL target: END THE FED!!

      As for Activist Post, I’m a regular at their site & have never had the impression of them being false anything. They are news aggregators, and link to a lot of different sources. And without meaning to quibble either, allow me to say that you seem a wee bit trigger-happy with this “false opposition” issue, soldier. Yes, I agree there’s a lot of undercover manipulation out there, but you need to recalibrate your sights because you’re just wasting ammo here.

      Finally, I say the structure of power rests on the pillars of force and words. This is the theory. In practice, governments attempt to monopolize the use of force as much as they can, but the results vary depending on social and cultural variables. The US has long been considered the greatest obstacle to NWO plans due to the citizen’s right to bear arms and form militias. This might explain why American law enforcement officers of every description are more militarized than anywhere else on Earth. Bottom line: in places where the citizens retain some form of armed resistance, they will be engaged as enemies of war and eradicated house by house by faceless jackboot thugs.

      Hope that helps you feel better.

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