The Vampires Dance in the Drool of the Damned

Today the official unemployment figures for September came out for the Western Roman province of Hispania. One hundred thousand people joined the dole line as the Summer tourist season wraps up and goes into hibernation. Also, we learned Greece will now most certainly default, and that the French banking sector is having its Lehman moment. If we hit the net rumor mill, we read of a bona-fide economist warning that Germany is already printing up a mess of new Deutsche Marks for their upcoming separation from the Euro.

It is only now that Germany’s master plan for the Euro becomes visible. For the past ten years, it has financed the massive cost of its reunification by generating huge favorable trade and debt imbalances with other Eurozone countries; now we are in the final repo man collection stage, then Germany bows out of the Euro and reappears with a new and improved Mark. This would explain Germany’s otherwise incomprehensible insistence in keeping a sinking boat afloat, in a last-ditch debt collection effort before setting off the Euro doomsday device.

One way or another, the Spanish economy is a big fat shit sandwich that’s about to get even bigger, fatter and shittier. Right now, the sandwich lays steaming in front of us, but there are still those who fail to understand who is expected to eat it. In Greece they have understood, mostly because their big fat shit gyro is currently in force-feed mode as the banxter triad economic terrorism tag teams take Athens.

strap on the hip waders, drool ahead

Maybe Greece needs an inbred and decrepit aristocracy to wave at the droolers. As a neo-feudal constitutional monarchy that is but serfdom under a thin veneer of democracy, Spain has both aristocrats and droolers in good supply, as was manifest once again in the massive media coverage of yesterday’s wedding between a batty 85 year-old Duchess granny and a commoner three decades her junior. The droolers thronged the streets of Seville to adulate the randy gran, for not in vain is she the Duchess of the House of Alba, holder of more noble titles than the King of Spain himself.

Now, I have no beef with someone’s grandmother catching a second wind (actually, it’s her third), but the attention given to the old dame’s frolics in the context of our shit sandwich economy is like someone offering us a pint of fecal waters to wash it down with. And to go out and adulate her saggy ass is like chugging it down and asking for more. Pure drooler hypocrisy: if the old flap was their next door neighbor and not some celebrity, they’d probably be acting all scandalized and calling her nasty names.

But that’s just human nature, to lick the boot pressing on our face. The frisky bride represents a hereditary title that has been leeching off the riches of the land for five centuries already. Five hundred years have passed and the serfs of yore are now modern democratic droolers, brain-dead on reality TV, fried food and cheap credit, out in the streets celebrating while the banks toss their belongings in the street, change the door lock and hang the Foreclosed sign on their homes.

There’s a dance in the old dame yet, as Mehitabel often said. Again, I don’t hold it against her; if I had spent my entire life surrounded by droolers I’d probably let it all hang down too. One last dance and the droolers shuffle away, leaving slimy trails of self-righteous slavery as they go. Let them rest assured: the old flap got hers, and they got theirs. Happy shit sandwich day and olé!

ditzy dame of Alba dancing on the drool

Final note on Duchesses, Droolers & Titles of Nobility…

drool on this, serfdom!

Believe it or not, the current (18th) Duchess of Alba is not the first of her line to let it all hang down for the droolers. Her illustrious ancestor María del Pilar Teresa Cayetana de Silva y Álvarez de Toledo y Silva-Bazán, 13th Duchess of Alba in the late XVIII Century, was the alleged model of Goya’s famous Maja Desnuda portrait, although this was never confirmed for reasons of decorum.

Of course, Goya’s paintings were not for droolers but for palace salons. Randy shit like that was not allowed to commoners, so a church-approved version was crafter for the droolers:

use your imagination, dammit!

To end, a note on titles of nobility & what they really are. Below is the list of the titles held by the current Duchess of Alba. These are not just funny names and costumes, but actual titles of property, territories and/or other possessions granted by the Crown in repayment for services rendered, loans outstanding and favors curried. Noble houses like the House of Alba are better understood as holding companies designed to exploit territories and resources under their sway… ever wonder where “counties” come from?

53 noble titles to territories and possessions –evidently including the serfs living on/in them, which are the real value (a territory is only as valuable as the number of persons available to exploit it and pay tributes)– adds up to a big chunk of resources that are drained from Spanish and even Italian citizens (as 21st Countess of Modica in Sicily) directly into the coffers of the House of Alba and other racketeers of the same feather. But because few people actually understand what noble titles are, and the ones who do are part of it, the less-than-democratic neo-feudal nature of our constitutional monarchy will remain unquestioned until the drool runs dry.

Titles (Properties) of the House of Alba
▪ 18th Duchess of Alba, Grandee of Spain
▪ 17th Duchess of Híjar, Grandee of Spain
▪ 15th Duchess of Aliaga, Grandee of Spain
▪ 11th Duchess of Montoro, Grandee of Spain
▪ 11th Duchess of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (Jacobite Peerage)
▪ 11th Duchess of Liria and Jérica, Grandee of Spain
▪ 3rd Duchess of Arjona, Grandee of Spain
▪ 12th Countess-Duchess of Olivares, Grandee of Spain
▪ 17th Marquise of the Carpio, Grandee of Spain
▪ 10th Marquise of San Vicente del Barco, Grandee of Spain
▪ 16th Marquise of La Algaba
▪ 16th Marquise of Almenara
▪ 18th Marquise of Barcarrota
▪ 10th Marquise of Castañeda
▪ 23rd Marquise of Coria
▪ 14th Marquise of Eliche
▪ 16th Marquise of Mirallo
▪ 20th Marquise of la Mota
▪ 20th Marquise of Moya
▪ 17th Marquise of Orani
▪ 12th Marquise of Osera
▪ 14th Marquise of San Leonardo
▪ 19th Marquise of Sarria
▪ 12th Marquise of Tarazona
▪ 15th Marquise of Valdunquillo
▪ 18th Marquise of Villanueva del Fresno
▪ 17th Marquise of Villanueva del Río
▪ 27th Countess of Aranda, Grandee of Spain
▪ 22nd Countess of Lemos, Grandee of Spain
▪ 20th Countess of Lerín, Grandee of Spain, Constabless of Navarre
▪ 20th Countess of Miranda del Castañar, Grandee of Spain
▪ 16th Countess of Monterrey, Grandee of Spain
▪ 20th Countess of Osorno, Grandee of Spain
▪ 18th Countess of Palma del Río, Grandee of Spain
▪ 12th Countess of Salvatierra, Grandee of Spain
▪ 22nd Countess of Siruela, Grandee of Spain
▪ 19th Countess of Andrade
▪ 14th Countess of Ayala
▪ 16th Countess of Casarrubios del Monte
▪ 16th Countess of Fuentes de Valdepero
▪ 11th Countess of Fuentidueña
▪ 17th Countess of Galve
▪ 18th Countess of Gelves
▪ 16th Countess of Guimerá
▪ 21st Countess of Modica (Kingdom of Sicily)
▪ 24th Countess of Ribadeo
▪ 25th Countess of San Esteban de Gormaz
▪ 12th Countess of Santa Cruz de la Sierra
▪ 11th Countess of Tinmouth (Jacobite Peerage)
▪ 20th Countess of Villalba
▪ 12th Viscountess of la Calzada
▪ 11th Baroness of Bosworth (Jacobite Peerage)
▪ 29th Lady of Moguer

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