War of the Words Flash Report: The Frothman Cometh

Alex Jones. A name made in the word battlefield as the voice of Infowars.com, leading the counterattack in the fight for American liberties. Admired or reviled, the fact is that AJ has been denouncing many aspects of the corporativist state for many years and is an armored word division unto himself, taking on several fronts at once, carpet bombing enemy positions and gathering a sizeable following along the way.

For some people, the AJ method of high-pitched patriotic outrage can prove grating at best and suspect at worse. The net rumor mill makes him for a psy-ops agent and the establishment has him as a wingnut, but there is demand for what he has to say. His verbiage in the heat of the battle is the voice of the simmering outrage that is occupying Main Street USA from sea to shining sea. Not the voice of the visible OWS protestors, but the voice of outraged millions who instead of occupying are hunkering down for the last stand.

Any shift in the rhetorical pitch of a figure like Jones must be factored into the word battlefield because of its brutal multiplier effect. That’s why the video below has blipped on the word radar, as it seems to indicate that the simmer is going into boil mode. Now, everyone knows rants are AJ’s gig, but we can surely agree that this is not just another rant, but a barely-controlled fit of rage against the machine.

The Federal Reserve Bank jumps into the ring against the armored word division in the 3-D spectacular Frothman versus Big Fed fireword blitz destruction over the kingdom of YouTube! Big Fed’s fancy legalese footwork against the blunt barrage of Frothman’s outrage! Who will prevail in this clash of titans?

One thing is certain: Big Fed has taken on much more than it bargained for this time. It will wake drenched in sweat with the sound of Alex Jones yelling inside its head and will pray to its dark masters for protection against the beast it has brought forth. I for one won’t bet a lead nickel on its fancy footwork; the smart money always goes with the froth when the herd is hungry. Incoming!

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