Spanish Elections in an (Expletive) Eyeblink

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On November 20th, 2011, the citizen slaves of Hispania are programmed to vote for their next Chief Debt Enforcement Officer, known colloquially as el (expletivo) Presidente. The Xth elections of modern democrazy in Spain were meant to be held in March 2012, but current President Zetaparo caved under the pressure of his complete & absolute (expletive) incompetence in face of the ongoing crisis. That the current president is stepping down would be good news if it weren’t for the fact that there is no political solution to Spain’s troubles, because the democrazy system exists for one purpose alone: to keep citizen-slaves under the Rule of Law –the modern version of Roman Imperial Slave Law– and make us think it’s our own (expletive) choice. Voting in this system is an exercise in self-delusion, not because one’s vote doesn’t count but because it feeds the same paradigm of demagogue debt enforcement officers that live to lick the boots of the ruling oligarchy and ensure the slaves are coerced into paying the debt created from thin air by the (expletive) (expletive) banksters and their bought-and-sold expletives worldwide.

So let’s take a look at the parties (oh, fun) competing to carry Spain’s big fat (expletive) sandwich into the next four years. Given the circumstances mentioned above, I have taken the liberty of removing all irrelevant floritures and steamy bull (expletive) to present a more direct and essential snapshot of the situation: not politics the way they look the night before in the disco strobe lights, but how they look the next morning sitting blearily on the john without the makeup or the assorted false bits. So tighten up those soft parts and get ready to wince. It ain’t (expletive) pretty.

The Contenders, in an Eyeblink
PP/PSOE – The intertwined evil (expletive) twins that pretend to be different parties to keep their joint herd of almost 20 million votes from straying into other pastures. The PP is the right hand and the PSOE is the left, and together they form a de facto monopoly over Spanish democrazy that has alternated in power over the past nine legislatures. Their platform is based on servicing the international bankster debt; the PP will do this by giving it to the slaves harder and deeper, while the PSOE will do the same but pretending to care. Right now, after 8 years of PSOE reacharound love, the polls are giving a clear lead to the the PP’s bareback platform of (expletive) and (expletive) with extreme vaseline austerity.

Other parties currently represented in the Congress / Senate are:
Izquierda Unida (IU): The fingernail of the PSOE’s left pinky.
Partido Nacionalista Vasco (PNV): The crazy Basques.
Convergencia i Unio (CiU): The crazy Catalans.
Unión Progreso y Democracia (UPyD): Mostly not anything, sort of.
Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC): The even crazier Catalans.
Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG): The crazy Galicians.
Coalición Canaria-Nueva Canarias: The guys with funny accents.

Despite the apparent “differences” between these parties –and they spend a lot of time & effort emphasizing just how different they are from each other– the truth is that they are as different as peas in a pod. The ONLY reason these parties have reached the congress and senate is that they have all sworn to protect the international bankster debt fraud against the interests of the citizens, period. These are the (expletive) criminals that created the “crisis” and support “austerity measures” to “solve” it, as per NWO guidelines. They represent that small fraction of the population which, as a Rothschild baron famously pointed out, “understand that the system is inimical to their interests, but are too vested in it to oppose it”.

Then there are some 22 more political microparties that are not represented but have collected enough signatures to be on the ballots, although not necessarily nation-wide. Regional nationalist outfits, libertarians, animal rights, fair trade, the pirate party… the (expletive) crumbs of democrazy, tossed to the slaves in smug admission of their futility… except…

Except all power structures have a weak spot, an Achilles heel, an internal ventilation duct to launch the photon torpedoes down. Call it a universal counterbalance method; no matter how closed a system seems, the Tao flows throughout and seeks balance. The democrazy system is no exception; it may seem as daunting as the Death Star, but with the blueprints in hand, promising weak points show up. Maybe not total (expletive) anhiliation with a single torpedo, but enough to make the latrine system backwash, at least.

There is one particular microparty of recent creation that has caught my jaded (expletive) eye with what appears to be a well-aimed torpedo approach. It’s called Escons en Blanc, which can be translated as Empty Seats, and was founded in 2008 to reflect the growing discontent with the business-as-(expletive)-usual political scene and the lack of options for many unrepresented voters. Their platform is simple and direct: every representative of their party voted in will neither occupy his/her seat nor undertake the duties therein, and will generate no expenses (salary, travel, allowance) to the public. This is perfectly legal in Spanish law and indeed some towns already have empty municipal seats won by Escons en Blanc.

What’s the (expletive) point? Well, there aren’t a lot of options at voting time. If you don’t vote, you’re ignored. If you vote blank, the party with most votes keeps it. And voting for the microparties is an exercise in futility, as Spanish electoral law makes a point of keeping the democrazy shake at the bottom of the bowl because, hey, who the (expletive) are these (expletive) microparty clowns anyway? Politics is for pros, not for dilettants who don’t know (expletive) from shinola. And in the unlikely event that some microparty were to reach the pro league on a wave of votes, the system ASSUMES there will always be a warm asset on the seat and a fuzzy palm to grease. But what if that assumption were to be broken? What would happen to the illusion of (expletive) mandate then?

This is not a completely futile political exercise. As they state prominently in their website, it is a way of saying NO to the status quo in a visible way that cannot be easily swept under the rug. Every seat left empty will remind the others that there are many out there who have said NO to their morally corrupt scheme with its “parties” and “candidates” jostling at the (expletive) trough of corporate leftovers. Saying NO is more than a powerful statement or an empty seat, it’s arguably the only act that separates a freeman from a slave. Slaves cannot refuse even when it’s inimical to their interests; modern slaves are democrazily free to choose, but only between different political flavors of the same toxic (expletive) bankster-cooked ramen noodles. Well, they can keep pushing their empty political calories and fake MSG-laden rhetorics; it’s up to us to break the addiction. One person, one vote, one day, and it’s over in an (expletive) eyeblink.

Voting in Spain in 1933… that day a 300 year-old monarchy was ended and the II Republic was born

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2 thoughts on “Spanish Elections in an (Expletive) Eyeblink

  1. Excuse me for my english level- I think it’s not possible that the picture was take in the 1931 elections, because women are forbidden his right to vote until the elections of 1933. During the elections of April’31, any woman can’t vote.

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