Democrazy Denier Pushes System to Brink of Self-Denial

Five days to go in the souless pantomime of the Spanish presidential campaign as the players grimly march to the sound of the markets gnashing and slobbering at the front gates. The polls predict a sweeping triumph of one of the two parties currently alternating power, followed by a market-led coup to place a bankster stooge at the head of a transitional firesale government. Sound familiar? If you like the new democrazy pizza and gyro flavors, you gonna love the paella they got bubbling on the bonfire… it comes with a jug of 5% risk differential sangría!

But before all that, we got to keep pretending we have a choice at the ballot boxes next Sunday… well, not everyone. As in every election, there will be many who won’t vote, some out of indolence and others out of principle. But in this election, for the first time, there will be at least one Spaniard who will not participate is his democrazy duty due to –get this– conscientious objection against the parliamentary system.

Adrián and writ pose for posterity

As picked up by the EFE news agency, the story of 27 year-old Adrián Vaíllo’s refusal to serve as an election official next Sunday is presented as just another electoral anecdote, but more than that, it is a challenge to the very basis of the democrazy meme. How can someone argue conscientous objection against democracy’s most hallowed rite? Has the world gone demobonkers?

Adrián, who was chosen by lottery as per Spanish electoral law, presented his original objection to the Electoral Committee of his hometown of Elche, Valencia, who denied it saying his arguments were “irrelevant”. This has led Adrián and his fellow members of the Turtle antimilitarist group to present a writ of intent to the local courthouse in which he manifests his refusal to participate in the electoral process for three reasons: “the conviction that we do not live in a democratic regime, the idea that good cannot be enforced and finally, for reasons of free conciousness,” as he stated to EFE.

This is not a risk-free gambit for him; the statutory penalty for refusing electoral duties without approved justification is 6 months to 4 years in the cooler. But then again, conscientous objection is not a new concept in Spain, having been very prevalent in the 80s against the obligatory military service, and indeed one of the main reasons the armed forces went professional in the early 90s. Using the argument of conscientous objection to refuse participation in the military is one thing, however using it to refuse participating in elections is another can of worms altogether, and one which no democrazy court is going to touch, much less open. Just imagine the domino effect… one day one guy refuses to sit at a table one Sunday and check people’s IDs before they vote, and the next day entire cities are refusing to pay their taxes because, hey, good cannot be enforced, suckas!

Here at 99 Percent Space we stand firmly behind Adrián and his balls of brass, because they’re brass and because he’s right, of course. No matter how hard we pretend, democrazy is just tax slavery mob rule, and no number of papers stuffed in a box is going to change that. But anyone who dares actually say it can go to jail longer than a rapist. There is no modern slavery… and we have prisons overflowing with dissidents to prove it! So go choose your next chief debt service officer and shut the fck up, because the choice, as always, is yours.

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