The PeePee is Come To Tell Us It’s Raining

As predicted by all polls, the right-hand extremity of the PP-PSOE political golem was yesterday voted in by overwhelming majority, while the left-hand extremity was castigated by voters for being as useful as hog tits on a crisis. The PeePee (known as the PayPay in Spain) has been awaiting this day ever since the crisis began in 2008, with leader Mariano Rajoy (in English, Mary-butthole Slicer) patiently biding his time over almost 8 years of opposition to the Zetaparo left-handed jerkoff administration.

During the campaign, the PeePee has done little more than administer their comfortable lead and keep the candidate from getting too specific on the measures foreseen to fight the crisis. But it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see what’s coming: massive privatization of state assets to the crony capital and forcing taxpayers to pay again for using infrastructure built with their tax money. Which is exactly what happened when sideshow freak PeePee Ansar became president in 1996 and sold the state-owned telephone monopoly to a grade-school buddy turned vulture capitalist for approximately 100 times less than its estimated value and called the subsequent consumer ass-ride free market liberalization.

Common courtesy calls for a grace period of three months for new presidents to get their shit together before giving them hell. But the markets don’t do common courtesy because the banksters need our money now to buy public assets for cents on the euro and wallpaper their dog’s servant’s jacuzzi room with C-notes. Today, with the PeePee’s victory confirmed, the Spanish markets fell and the country’s risk differential kept rising, which is a clear indication that there will be no grace, period.

What exactly it’s going to take remains to be seen, but there is little doubt that it’s gonna hurt in a largely asymmetric way, pushing the burden of overpriced debt on to those who can least afford it and creating a class of über-rich debt service enforcement officers as per IMF guidelines. It is assumed that the new president elect has received the memo about what happens to eurozone officials that don’t toe the bankster line, as it is assumed he wants to end at least one mandate before being substituted for an unelected bankster stooge like in Greece and Italy.

cover of the satirical weekly El Jueves

So we expect the PeePee to start coming down hard, accompanied by a clear message to the people of Spain: it’s only rain, and it’s all the fault of the previous government anyways. Forget the umbrella and batten the hatches… this one promises to wash it all away.

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