PIIGS vs. the Fourth Reich: Banksters Take All

How many times have we heard the story of the buddies that form a band or a start-up company that becomes wildly successful, the money starts to flow and the problems begin between them? Yes, it is well known that money ruins friendships and divides families –money is the prime divide & conquer weapon after all– so it made sense to bring the nation states of Europe together as one big family under one big single currency. I mean, it’s not like these countries had historical beefs or had recently been involved in a devastating world war or anything like that, right? So, now that we’re friends… wanna borrow some money?

It was only a question of time until the Euro family started squabbling over money issues and digging around in the dumpster of his story for the battle hatchet buried by our grandfathers. On one side, we have the German prole flogging the lazy, cheating and –incidentally– non-Aryan stereotypes of Southern Europeans; while one the other side French and Italian politicos are waving the spectre of German dominionism at the collective memory. Could it be that National Zionism has transmogrified from boots on the ground to debt in the banks? That’s actually a rhetorical question. The real question is what form the resistance is going to take this time.

Occupying armies in uniforms and jackboots are one thing; stealth occupation by international bankster debt is another thing altogether. No more shady resistance movements, no more Allo Allo* or dirty basterd wet dreams. This enemy must not be engaged, but disengaged from; and not in small clandestine numbers, but in numbers to occupy the planet… which, indeed, we are already doing, albeit in a less-than-conscious manner.

Money divides by nature. It can be divided and used to divide others. After railroading us into the single currency, now they want to use it to impose fiscal austerity, which is crisispeak for bending over and spreading ’em wide for the banksters. The German yobs blame the PIIGS (Peripheral Integration In German State) countries for this, and the yobs in the rest of Europe blame Germany, and meanwhile the banksters are laughing all the way to the vaults where they sleep at day.

Patriotism is the wildcard in any economic crisis, a handy escape valve for social unrest that deflects attention from the real issues, like the fact that banksters and asset munchers are transnational in their criminal activities and are thus no more representative of Germany or PIIGS than Boy George is. One thing is the politico stooges in these countries doing the dirty work, and another very different is the street-level blame game rhetoric of arrogant Germans versus lazy Greeks, which is just a distraction tactic to keep the slaves in mushroom mode** while the banksters make off with the money of both Greeks and Germans.

I say forget about Huns, Hibernians, Lusitanians… where one is from is so yesterday. All that matters now is where one is at. And 99% of Germans and PIIGS are at exactly the same place, which is under the dead weight of debt slavery to the banks. So my humble suggestion is that each country eat its own banksters and then get together for a postprandial shot of fortified digestif*** to wash ’em down with. This is a civilized tradition shared by all European countries, and would be an excellent opportunity to prove that we have more in common as humans than as debt slaves. So let us toast our unlikely freedom before we pawns are sacrificed, once again, to save the king. Let our children know that at least we dared to dream of something better for them.

** in the dark and fed bullshit

*** Italians may opt for fava beans and a nice Chianti

* What is Allo Allo, you ask? Let Herr Flick explain…


Photo credits: Porkin’!

Pull up those PIIGS http://auguststrasse-berlin-mitte.de/
Suckling PIIGS http://thedopieschron.files.wordpress.com

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