Elephant Power Walk With Me

We are not alone. We’ve never been alone, we’ve just been blindfolded. In fact, we are surrounded by vibrational information fields of every description, out of sight but overlapping and interacting with our third density. If our ancestors had good reasons to cultivate relations with other realms, then surely these reasons hold true today more than ever.

cave paintings in Lascaux, France

Primeval animistic religions, based on nature and animals, were of a very practical bend, cultivating good relations with the unseen Devic forces for hunting, fertility and healing. Everyone had a spirit protector from birth and built a meaningful lifelong relationship with his/her totem. As civilization grew more complex and organized religions started to appear, the divinities evolved from nature spirits to divinities representing more abstract concepts, all while becoming more distant and less user-friendly. The communion between man and the unseen was finally severed by the birth of monotheistic religions, which worshipped a single vengeful God so distant that only appointed intermediaries could communicate with it, making it a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of corrupt priesthoods. And yet even monotheistic religions are forced to admit that humans need invisible friends and not just invisible masters… is not the figure of the Messiah but a more user-friendly and closer aspect of the godhead?

The bottom line is that life on the physical plane is an eminently practical affair. Every day we are subject to forces known and unknown, facing challenges, threats and opportunities that can change everything in an instant. And although we spend our life in company of others, there is part inside us that sometimes feels very much alone and yearns for things we cannot even verbalize. This part of us is prone to having invisible friends, just like our physical selves have visible friends. As children, invisible friends are natural and unselfconscious; as adults they transmogrify into established religious or spiritual entities, but all come from the same practical need for guidance and protection from that thing that you KNOW lies waiting in the dark…

Nowadays there’s a lot to choose from, and many do indeed shop around in the massive spirituality/religious/sectarian mishmash market that preys more than it prays and offers invisible snake oils in exchange for visible monies. At the end of the day, however, there are truths that money just can’t buy, and one of them is that we are free to sincerely ask any entity, including the dark ones, pretty much anything we want (warning: effects may vary). No intermediaries are needed, no group activities or temples or initiation rites… that’s just crowd control. The real connection is direct, individual and depends on each one of us alone. The discovery of invisible friends may seem absurd to one’s logical self at first, so it is up to each individual to find a way to make it work or let it go.

These are my personal experiences relating to a specific entity, to be shared with those who may also be trying to make it work. However, it is important to remember that the general idea of “tuning in” applies to any entity one feels a special connection to, so long as said entity can be visualized. Call it Elephant Power or Mother Mary or Faeries and Leprechauns… what’s important is to tune in to the frequency and not get hung up on the codified representation used to establish it.

Crossing the Elephant Power Threshold
Ganesha appeared in my life in an unlikely manner, as the protagonist of an air hockey Flash game I was creating to learn scripting years ago. I knew who he was in an academic way, but beyond that he was just a stranger that played a mean virtual air puck (using only two arms & a trunk!) and that was good enough for both of us. Back then I still hadn’t come to terms with my invisible needs, so there followed no further ponderation on the significance of choosing an elephant head Hindu deity to play air hockey with me; at the time it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Ganesha is ready to whup your puck, mortal

It was only some years later that a series of personal experiences forced me to conclude that there are layers of reality we cannot see but from which we can be seen and more. This realization, which was not easy to assimilate but impossible to ignore, made me actively seek new tools to find my center and everything in its orbit. Some of these practices are for the physical realm, others are for the invisible realm, and a select few are for both, such as keeping an active connection with Ganesha’s “Elephant Power” (EP), as aptly coined by MC Yogi.

For a ranking divinity, Ganesha is a regular kinda guy, easily the most voted in the “divinities you’d hang out with” category, with 2 billion + friends globally in Faithbook. He holds influence over many practical aspects of everyday life: removal of obstacles, household harmony, business prosperity, inspiration for writers, poets and musicians and, last but not least, protection and guidance both visible and invisible.

Many Westerners are shedding their preconception that one must be Hindu or even a new age freak to tune in to the EP vibe. Ganesha himself makes no such distinction, nor does he discriminate on the basis of things as ultimately irrelevant as what form we are born into in any given incarnation. For him, sincerity is the best offering –although incense and mantras are never amiss– together with gratitude and respect… not just towards him, but towards others in general and especially towards our mother planet. Ganesha is, after all, ruler of the Muladhara (base or first) chakra of Earth energy, a real Mother Nature’s Son.

There is a reason to differentiate between Ganesha the representation and the Elephant Power field or vibration, although they are both aspects of the same frequency. Because monotheistic cultures are devoid of the richly-populated Devic realms of other traditions, we have a tendency to get hung up on the representations and forget that they are but symbols and allegories of something that cannot be otherwise depicted “logically”. By flatly rejecting the allegorical representation of a deity with an elephant’s head and a pot belly as alien and absurd, it becomes incapable of seeing beyond to focus on what really matters, which is the vibration associated to it.

Om gam ganapateye namah

Ganesha’s appearance is a mnemonic device to tune in to a particular frequency, as are his associated mantras. In each of his aspects (tonalities), his appearance varies correspondingly, but always within the basic elephant configuration. Thus the red-bodied Ganesha represents one set of attributes of Elephant Power (creativity, boons) while the large-stomach Ganesha represents another set (plentitude, prosperity). Over millennia of depiction, the representation of Ganesha has become more “realistic” and detailed, but if we go back to basics, as in the illustration above, we can see the symbolic origin of the “elephant” codifying the OM as written in Sanskrit, much as the signs of the zodiac codify constellations.

Zodiac signs and their constellations

Elephant Power manifests in many ways, and one begins to recognize its subtle but constant presence. One of the first signals is a marked increase in generic elephant-related sightings and experiences… on billboards, on trucks, on products, in the news, in conversation with others etc; as well as seeing Ganesha himself all over the place, in effigy, painted on walls as graffitti, on t-shirts and tatoos… This means you are tuned into the EP frequency and are tapping into its synchronistic rhythm. From that point on, you can just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

The path to freedom is beset by many obstacles. I don’t know how much further I have to go, but I can see how far I’ve come. Elephant Power steps lightly but stands firm. It unfolds like a flower but packs a massive punch. It is not aggressive but it commands respect. It will hold out its trunk in peace, but it will not back down. It is flexible, spontaneous and creative to overcome obstacles, but can also plough through them by pure force if the circumstances so require.

It is clear in the face of darkness, strong in the face of adversity and compassionate in the face of despair.

That’s why I humbly request that as long as there’s a step left for this body to take, Elephant Power walk with me.

Jai Ganesha Om


Photo credits: trunkalicious!

Ganesha mural art: http://www.studiocracy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Ganesha.jpg
Ganesha Om logo http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs21/f/2007/284/e/e/god_ganesh_by_3dking.jpg
Elephant Power featured image http://mcyogi.com
Zodiac constellations http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs38/f/2008/346/3/b/zodiac_constellations_by_Darla_Illara.jpg
Aspects of Ganesha http://family.webshots.com/photo/2106593690081355628UGqRYC

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