It’s 125: Do You Know Where Your Blog Is?

Has your blog become surly and evasive? How much time does it spend with other surly blogs? Does it come home late at night all twisted and slurry?

It’s 125: where is your blog right now?

Blogs are like modern life, always rushing towards the next new whatever and rarely pausing to look back. But certain milestones, such as reaching post number 125, make certain retrospection inevitable and even desireable. This blog has taken a while to reveal itself to writer and public alike, mostly because it was not born with a clear mission but rather found it along the way. Now we have, finally, something resembling a description of the product as illustrated below:

If any single post can be said to have forged the character of this blog, it is the original Modern Slave Guide to Modern Slavery and its daily trickle of search engine hits. Indeed the sheer number of people searching slavery-related terms has been the main reason 99PS now moves mainly within the modern slavery memefield. It is a pleasure and an honor to share these explorations with so many others who are also awakening. This blog is where hunger meets the desire to eat as far as modern slavery is concerned, so don’t be bashful and dig in. Just keep the alka-seltzer handy… it ain’t puffed air we’re dishing out here.

This blog owes its existence to the blogosphere, without which there would no real life out there, just soulless corporate media. Just as one wouldn’t prepare an elaborate three-course meal for oneself alone, nobody would be here right now writing post number 125 if you, brave reader, weren’t there to share it. Likewise, this blog also owes a debt of gratitude for the continued support of Mike Rivero at What Really Happened and the millions of freedom-loving humans that visit his site on a regular basis, as well as to all the other blogs that comprise the daily reading circuit. Thanks to all.

99PS starts this new year hoping for the best but not betting a wooden nickel on it. The democrazy meme is at the end of its planned obsolesence and a lot of effort has been spent on predictive programming regarding 2012, so we must assume the end game still stands and that it won’t be in our benefit. But the big overall picture is not the fate of every individual, so here’s wishing you a happy and fruitful 2012 anyhow. Be free.

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