Ten Billion Reasons the Capital of Hispania is Rome

By now, the crisis has passed from abstraction to reality for most Spaniards as the austerity measures begin to sting like a thousand paper cuts. Everything appears normal, but behind the scenes things are starting to malfunction in an ominous taste of what’s to come. Buses take longer to come, longer waits at the health centres and hospitals. Growing numbers of public salaries and pensions are getting cut with new regulations and leaving many folks in the cold without warning or assistance. More panhandlers from all walks of life. Unemployment and foreclosures keep growing while real estate prices keep dropping. The country’s immigration has become net emigration as thousands of the best & brightest Spanish kids take their publicly-funded training to other countries where they can actually get a real job, like Germany. In fact, Germany is openly welcoming the peripheral Eurozone brain drain as an added perk to it’s monetary dominance, inviting the best engineers and architects and scientists from the PIIGS countries to come work for the greater glory of the fatherland. Meanwhile, the immigrants from North Africa and Eastern Europe that used to come to Spain to work the grape and olive harvests now find Spaniards working the fields, just like in the pre-Euro days… maybe the future Duke of Alba’s wish for medieval times is not such a pipe dream after all.

So, pay more and get much less in return, serfs. Here in Spain they say that shared misery is a fool’s comfort, but in democrazy austerity cuts are a burden shared by everyone, right? Well of course not, fool; democrazy always has a special place for powerful entities to freeload from the trough of OPM. And what the Spanish monarchy costs the country is chump change compared to what the mother of all parasites, namely the holey roamin’ catch-a-lick church of Rome, sucks from the citizens of this country every mfcking day. To draw a comparison, it is like General Motors not paying US taxes and claiming $3 billion in returns… except that 3 thousand million dollars is only a fraction of what we give to the death leech sect every year here in Spain.

The 1979 agreement between the new kingdom of Spain and the Holey See in Rome must be signed in blood, because the issue of the church’s public funding retributions and tax exemptions is too grotesque to comprehend otherwise. In times when normal folk –many of the flock– are getting fired, foreclosed, taxed and generally screwed to send more money to the international bankster cartel, some voices in Spain –none of the flock, yet– have begun to question why the church’s finances in Spain remain completely opaque at a time that even the king himself has been forced to unveil his remuneration as head of the Spanish state (€290K/annum, as part of the total €8M royal institution budget). If the numbers are any indication, it is clear that the true owner of the peninsula sits not in Madrid, but in Rome.

The reasons for this continued opacity are twofold: on one hand the real numbers must be kept secret to avoid a major social wigout, while on the other ministers of successive administrations belong to extremist sects like the God’s Work and fully support the ongoing expoliation by the mother church. Layperson organizations calculate the Spanish state gives the church anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand million euros a year in known contributions, plus oodles more in special contributions and exemption from paying real estate taxes (real estate makes up the bulk of the church’s wealth, owning up to 70% of all real estate in some Spanish cities like Santiago de Compostela, Toledo, Ávila and others).

Needless to say, not ONE SINGLE EURO of this public money given to the church has been cut in midst of the worse crisis of Spain’s modern democrazy, while doctors and teachers are laid off in mass to save a paltry 2 or 3 million. Compare this to the extra 13 million a MONTH on top on the stipulated payoff that the new government is going to give the church for no stated reason (see section of the official publication Boletin Oficial del Estado to this effect captured below).

Now, I’m no economist, but I imagine that Spain’s sovereign debt crisis and austerity cuts would be greatly reduced if those 10 billion euros a year were used to balance the budget instead of paying the church racket. It doesn’t take an apostate to see that such extreme leeching on the body public is unsustainable and will reach the ultimate “us or them” inflextion point sooner than later. After all, according to the Spanish Constitution, Spain is an non-confessional secular state, which makes the secret transfer of billions in public money to the catch-a-lick crime syndicate even more scandalous than the public transfer of billions to the international bankster crime syndicate.

It bears mentioning that all the PIIGS countries share the misfortune of being completely dominated by the roamin’ catch-a-lick sect. Is this mere coincidence? How much do the citizens of Portugal, Ireland and Italy pay the church behind the austerity smokescreen? Because if it’s anything comparable to Spain’s tithe, the holey see must be the richest state in the world… an entire empire concentrated into one very corrupt square mile. One that apparently doesn’t PAY anything, but only collects.

The Roman Empire ended only in name, but not in operation; the emperors simply became popes and the imperial SPQR seal (Senatus Populus Que Romanus –Roman Senate and Citizens) became the holey INRI seal (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum or Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews). The rest –all that quaintly known as his story– was just business as usual, the eternal agenda of empire-building and slavery embedded into the very foundations of the roamin’ catch-a-lick church and the territories it controls by proxy. And if all this sounds like P.K. Dick on a bad speed day, just answer this one question: why else would the government be paying 10 billion euros a year to the catch-a-lick church? Not a few million in help to maintain churches or whatever, but TEN THOUSAND MILLION, every year, by law. If that ain’t slavery, then strap me in thorns and whip my wicked asset. How long, o lord, how long til you take your people home, so the rest of us can find some peace at last?

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