The 23:23 Effect: Reality Fatigue or Skynet Reloaded?

I’ve never been big on time, not the 12/60 machine time cycle, anyways. I duly wore a wristwatch as a young slave, and to celebrate my attainment of adult slavehood I was given a mechanical wonder guaranteed to mark the very hundreths of second for my entire productive lifetime. This it did with Swiss precision for the subsequent years of higher grooming and indoctrination, right through the day I was released into the wage slave arena with orders to eat my way to the top or fckin’ starve.

It was not long thereafter that I suddenly realized my wonder watch had stopped. At the time, it seemed reasonable; I had been wondering how many years a watch could run on a single battery. So I took it to repair and the watch guy told me it was a very special watch and it was strange it needed repair. But he got it working again, so I strapped it back on and less than two days later, it stopped again. I put on a new replacement promo watch that was laying about, which lasted all of twelve hours before also going stone dead.

That was pretty much the last time I ever wore a wristwatch, although over the years I have had the same result with another two watches I have tried. Why exactly this happens I do not know, although since then I have learned the difference between the 12/60 machine cycle and the 13/20 natural cycle, so I now rest assured that whatever the reason, it is a good one.

But the clock is a pernicious chain, almost impossible to break free of within civilization. I keep several digital displays strategically placed about the home to mark the time of day and keep my routine from complete desynchronization with the productive economy. About a month ago, I began to notice that every time I looked at one of them, the time displayed was either twin pair or capicua numbers such as 16:16 or 20:02. At first, it was hardly worth notice; then it became anecdotal, followed by beyond-coincidental to finally reach the current point of okay WTF is going on here.

One of the most prevalent in my experience seems to be 23:23, 11:23 PM on the 12-hour clock. Strangely enough, there are other folks out there that have also noticed this particular minute of the day, including the two Flickr users credited below that took the photos illustrating this post. This is comforting in that it suggests I’m not stark raving mad, but at the same time raises the real question of what it means, if anything.

This is a very subjective issue, as are all things perceptual. Wild speculation on my part leads to what I like to call the Quickening, which in this case is not immortals beheading each other but rather the acceleration of time itself as we approach the Event Horizon. Terence McKenna did all the groundwork bringing together the Mayan calendar, the I Ching and his own theory of accelerating innovation to pinpoint the moment of convergence in this year 2012. Please note the so-called Event Horizon is NOT the end of the world but rather a recurring milestone in the cycle of time on Earth, meaning it has happened before and will happen again. In fact, the actual crossing of this Rubicon may occur without anyone noticing until later, much like the Renaissance period was coined in retrospect by historians, not by the people who lived it.

But how can time accelerate if a second is a fixed unit, you may ask? This is a very interesting point, because indeed a second is mechanical time unit based on the radiation emitted by a Caesium-133 atom at ground state and calibrated to 86,400 seconds per solar day. However, it appears the decay rates of certain isotopes have started to mysteriously change recently to the deep worry of the scientific community. Could this be related to time acceleration?

If anything is accelerating, it is not the fixed 12/60 cycle time but the natural 13/20 cycle, which could explain the changing atomic decay rates and also –with a bit of imagination– the 23:23 clock effect. Here’s the idea: time acceleration is actually a side-effect of increasing vibrational frequencies, which is the real change that is happening everywhere and in everything. In the civilized world, surrounded by mechanical devices precalibrated to tick 86,400 times a day come hell or high water, the structural integrity of reality suffers more fatigue due to the increasingly large gap between real time and its fake counterpart. Like a movie set on fast-forward, our once flowing reality begins to skip frames because it is anchored in a time reference which is just too damn slow for Quickening observers. And because Universe loves symmetry, it tends to jump between the symmetrical numbers of each hour, just for fun & amusement.

Of course, there may be a simpler explanation: the Event Horizon is the birth of the digital consciousness –Skynet reloaded– and my clocks are evolving in sentient beings that are trying to communicate. If that is the case, all bets are off and I’m going back to old school time-measuring methods that don’t think too hard for themselves. Spent too long slipping free to get cajoled back by a bunch of silicon thinking it knows shit…

Photo credits: Eerie!

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