March Iran False Flag Alert!

After reading clif high’s dire prediction at the Half Past Human website, I subscribe his manifest to the last word, and like him I vow to make it my life mission bring justice upon the instigators and enablers of this agression –if & when, bob forbid– when possible waiving intermediaries. Selah.

But before, there is one last thing I can do. A thing so small as to be almost irrelevant on its own –like each one of us– but which may be the only hope to keep this from going down as scripted.

Call the false flag.

Call it as many times as possible, over and over, to everyone, everywhere. Make it go viral. Let them know that when the false flag attack happens we will not be fooled for a second. Many are doing so already, noting the suspicious deployment of junk ships like the USS Enterprise, which was slated for decommission, to the Hormuz hot area. The logic is so diabolically twisted that you know the Pentagon has wet dreams about it: tow the old nuclear tub out to persia, sink it with all souls on board, frame the persians AND save beaucoup money in messy decommission of nuclear vessel.

By calling the false flag we can maybe, just maybe, have it called off. Not so much by wishful thinking but by simple exposure… false flag attacks require certain surprise element to be effective. If everyone has heard the rumor that the Enterprise is going to be sunk by treason most foul, it might not be such a good idea to go ahead and sink it anyways.

I personally have little faith that people will stop to consider the aftermath of such an act, busy as they are clinging to the worthless currencies that no longer fill their wallets and working three shifts to pay interests on loans created from thin air. By the time we wake up to the crude reality, it will already be too late.

In the lapidary words of Leon from Blade Runner: “Wake up! Time to die!”

But hope is pretty much all we have left in this unequal struggle against the death machine, so we will deploy it at will, at least until the first week of March. Then we’ll see, damn their cursed souls. Then we’ll see what the hope turns into.


image of the USS Liberty… never forget!

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