You Know It’s a Crisis When…

So what is a crisis, anyways? Crisis is when the game changes and the old rules no longer apply. This is considered to be bad for many, but not for everyone. For example, casino vampire squid Sheldon Adelson doesn’t appear to be in crisis, nor do the cannabis consumer clubs offering 50K a month for terrains to grow pot. A crisis is a great business opportunity for the “evasion” sector… although the hookers at the BWM may beg to differ. Where’s the love gone, baby?

But mostly the crisis is about screwing the little guy by slashing essential public services and limiting worker’s rights in the name of austerity. The corrupt gummint and the criminal banksters use the word “crisis” to conceal the upward wealth transfer from the productive economy to the parasite class.

So, how is the wealth transfer working out so far in Spain? Judge for yourself with the examples below. While far from comprehensive, and nowhere close to the raw misery brought upon countries like Greece (yet), it paints a portrait of the times far more real than abstract macroeconomics. This is austerity phase one warming engines; check it out, it may even seem familiar…

You Know It’s a Crisis When…

Your city is competing for the EuroVegas project to become a world reference in mafia money laundering and glitzy criminal lifestyles by the hand of a zionist casino mogul so dirty that banksters smell good in comparison. Here’s an idea: tell Sheldon to go build his pimpmeister shantytown on the new real estate on El Hierro… the hottest property in Spain, guaranteed!

wax replica of casino mogul on display in Barcelona

A small village votes to grow pot for a cannabis consumer club, despite legal uncertainties

all in favor, say high!

Growing number of moms and dads are caught shoplifting basic food items in supermarkets

the austerity shopping cart

Students spend more time occupying the university that studying in it

hi! is this futile resistance 101?

The hookers at the Barcelona World Mobile Congress complain about lack of clients

come get yer iTool iBlowed

One of the largest growing commercial sectors is pawn shop franchises


The new economic minister is a Gold Man’s Sacks bankster

the man with the gold sacks charm

Luxury hotels begin offering hourly rates

yeah, just thought I'd spend a couple of hours here on my lonesome, that's right...

Kids are wrapped in blankets in class because there’s no money for heating

can we go over the global warming part again?

The same kids are then beat by riot cops for protesting

you will wear blankets at school and like it!

The new president takes less than two months to break his 3 main campaign promises


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