The Modern Slave Guide to Modern Freedom: The Beginning

Fellow Humans of planet Terra, the moment is arrived.

This post is both the last installment of the Modern Slavery Guide and the first of the Modern Freedom Guide, based on Humanity’s new paradigm: a world without masters and slaves, only humans, eye to eye and heart to heart.

Go ahead, roll your eyes, I can relate. This blog was born of a cynicism harder than Dick Cheney’s aorta and a higher degree in eye rolling. So if it’s jaded skeptic credentials you’re wanting, look no further.

I will never ask you to suspend your healthy skepticism, except to point out that sometimes the eye roll reflex needs to be put on hold in order to consider new potential realities which, for once, actually work out good for us and bad for the scaly decepticon slave drivers.

To date, the Modern Slave Guide has focused on the workings of the slave machine; from now on, this focus is shifting to a near future narrative in which the machine, as such, no longer exists. I don’t endorse “truths” or predict futures, and have little use for consensus reality or common knowledge. My thang is the narrative, because narrative is intent, and intent creates reality. To build something, you must first intend it in your mind.

Visualization is basically a technique to focus intent. As quantum mind Observers, we co-create our own reality through (mostly unconscious) intent, and the decepticons sabotage us by planting vividly detrimental word/picture narratives in our minds for us to project into reality.

That is the real purpose of the 2012 doomsday narrative, promoted with a wealth of Holly wood wand resources; not “entertainment” but predictive programming for us to visualize our collective demise in great detail and let quantum physics do the rest. I’d use the POS “2012” flick as a perfect example if it didn’t make me wanna hurl chunks just thinking about it.

The Modern Freedom narrative is based on an opposite premise: that 2012 is not an ending but a beginning, seeing as nowhere is it actually stated otherwise except in movies, airport novels and creepy websites. Picture this: the Awakening of Humanity –aka the 1% doomsday scenario– spreading like wildfire to incinerate the very foundations of modern slavery, abstract and not.

Okay, so it’s still kind of blurry and vague right now… It is a collective narrative in the making and depends on variables we don’t even know exist yet. But broadly speaking, modern freedom is modern life minus the pyschopath leeches and their mind control ponzi death sect schemes. That simple, really. It’s only hard to imagine because we never have. Try it, it gets better and better the more you practice.

However, beginnings always tend to be a bit bumpy. When the magnitude of the Lie is revealed –as it will be in every gory detail– things are bound to get a little wiggy as normal peace-lovin’ folks feel compelled to do things that are neither normal nor peace-loving. This is karma’s perogative for each one of us, but in any case Justice and revenge must not be confused. Lines must be drawn to not become that we have defeated, but rest assured that Justice will be served to the very last bitter dreg, with no exceptions, no privileges, no back-room handshakes and no shenanigans. The era of impunity is ended, so let’s do this properly, not dragged by base instincts but tempered with cold deliberation.

Human life –and by extension all Life– is the greatest wealth of the new Modern Freedom paradigm, and must never again be taken lightly. Even the vilest of criminals, monsters who have proven beyond all doubt that they are unfit to share the gift of life, must be tried with every guarantee available and extreme transparency to ensure that we understand exactly why there was no other choice, and can explain it to our children so that they never forget.

Brothers and sisters, be cool and be aware, because we are the Divine Intervention we’ve been waiting for. We are the Deus Ex Machina, the Second Coming and the Return of the Jedi. We are all the narratives of humankind in one, because we are Humanity, and ready or not, we are Free at last.


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