Modern Freedom Guide: The Shunning

Read the Modern Freedom opening salvo here

Modern Freedom is a new dimension, a higher perspective on modern slavery and a mental vantage point from which to understand and assess the situation for what it is, not for what it pretends to be. And right now, that is an evolutionary advantage in an ecosystem subject to rapidly shifting environmental pressures.

It doesn’t take some mystical revelation to reach this understanding. All it takes is for your human to recognize your person as a separate entity. No more, no less.

Am I suggesting you become a schizoid? No, actually. I’m suggesting you ARE schizoid as long as you force your human and your person to exist as one and the same. Modern slave personhood is the ultimate state of delusion, because it robs our freedom and doesn’t even grant us the solace of knowing we’re slaves.

If your condition of statutory personhood, aka human resource or sweet lil’asset, is news to you, I urge you to click on the “You Are Belong to Us” call box in the right hand column, the one with Madame Slavery and her Holly wood wand, and help yourself to some background. However, because 12/60 time is debt, here’s it is in a mfcking nutshell: your Person is the part of you that belongs to someone else.

Extricating the human who was born free from the person who was berthed to slavery is the first step to modern freedom, because free humans interact as humans, not as persons. This is not semantic hair splitting, it is the very heart of modern corporate personhood slavery.

Humans are born free and equal, and this is the basis of all interactions between free humans. Your rights are neither more nor less than mine, so instead of imposing by force we operate on free communion of human wills. We collaborate because we choose to, not because we’re told to.

The moment someone comes imposing in the name of a third party, this person is not interacting as a human but as a corporate officer, a machine cog. Back in the days when America was a free Republic, cogs like the taxman were given the treatment they deserved*, but under modern slave democrazy, the machine has become a malignant tumor in the body public, with uncontrolled growth of costumed corporate bitch personhoods.

basic exercise of hygiene of the body public

Right now, the body public is at the tipping point: either this tumor is excised now, or the body will agonize in the throes of fascist corporativism until all resistance is crushed.

Which brings us to the Shunning.

Modern freedom flatly rejects all violence as a crime against human dignity and free will, although it fully supports self-defense to protect one’s human rights from agression in any way, shape or form. Shunning is a form of non-violent rejection of harmful elements in human milieus that has been used for as long as humans have been hanging out together.

But shunning is an ancient act of intolerance! you exclaim aghast. How can it possibly be part of modern freedom?

Maybe we’re not talking about the same kind of “intolerance”.

It is undeniable that shunning is driven by intolerance, but we have been conditioned to reject intolerance as something inherently evil when sometimes it’s just a healthy immune response. One thing is moral intolerance like racism, classism, sectarianism; and another thing altogether is clinical intolerance to allergens and pathogens.

The intolerance of modern freedom is not the holier-than-thou kind; it is the body public going into adrenaline shock and its immune system pulling all the stops. Pure survival. So don’t let your intolerance be waylaid by whiny bitch slaves telling you to tolerate it up the asset, just remember modern freedom must be as uncompromising towards oppression as your immune system is towards invading pathogens. Mistaking impunity for tolerance is what has brought the body public to the verge of destruction.

Having deactivated the auto-immune response of the body public, some pathogens believe that they can oppress others while in costume and demand equal rights in plainclothes, the riot cop by day / model father by night schizoid person-human scenario. Any person involved in the enforcement of slavery must be made aware that they are engaging in conduct which is toxic to the community of free humans, and if they do not desist they will be stripped of the right to share said community.

If they carry weapons to enforce corporate statutes, they should be shunned, not addressed, looked at, served, attended, listened to or spoken of. If they sign foreclosures to enforce corporate statutes, or deal crooked justice to steal your freedom, your income and your children, they should be shunned by honest freedom-loving men and women everywhere and without exception. If you have no other choice but to interact with one, let it be to politely inform that you wouldn’t piss in its mouth if its teeth were on fire.

If they insist on harming us and our families in the name of corporate tyranny, why should they and their families feel untouchable? If they consider it their duty to implement tyranny, why should they live in privilege? If they refuse to behave as humans, why should humans extend the courtesy of treating them as such?

The time of screwing your fellow man under the false authority of corporate personhood is over, and the “I was just following orders” defense will be as effective as it was for the war criminals at Nuremberg. But until the day Justice is served, your ilk is banished from the company of decent human beings. Go feed on your own kind under whatever rock you crawled out from, because there’s nothing left for you to scavenge among us.

We will not go out of our way to harm you, but we will defend ourselves from your ongoing aggressions by whatever means necessary. So leave your slave person at the door before crossing the threshold, or keep it and go to hell. There is room for everyone in modern freedom, but no middle ground.


* Tarring & feathering is not advocated, because the application of boiling tar is brutal torture and no human should do this to another. Modern freedom prefers application of non-toxic spray adhesive to make the feathers stick before riding the rail…

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