Bourbon POS Elephant Killer

It’s all fleas to the skinny dog
Spanish proverb

Now I’m pissed. Turns out the olde bourbon rascal broke his hipbone while in Africa KILLING ELEPHANTS! The low-life murderous sonofabourbon motherfcker supreme gets off shooting animals who are more noble than him and all his mutant bloodline at the bottom of the sea in a burlap sack.

It is disgusting and disgraceful that in this day and age someone pays to KILL one of the most beautiful, gentle, loving and intelligent creatures on Earth. For what? FOR WHAT, YOU SOULLESS PIECE OF SHIT?

Motherfcker shot his brother in the head at 18. Now not even killing a magnificent creature gets him hard, but he kills it anyway.

I want to see this POS sad excuse for a human in jail for stealing the life of an innocent creature that WAS NOT HIS OR ANYONE’S TO TAKE. I don’t care how many corrupt Africans he bought off, or who the fck he thinks he is, what he did was a crime and must be paid.

He is worse than the savage criminal poachers that kill elephants to take their tusks… they at least don’t have the inbred retardation to pose for posterity so that this crime will never be forgotten or denied before a jury. Because the poachers KNOW that sooner or later they will face severe punishment, if they aren’t shot by the rangers first.

I demand justice, and I don’t care where it comes from. A pox on his house for murder most vile, may the Kindly Ones honor him with their eternal reward for innocent blood shed in vain, and may they do it soon.

Not one more life at the hands of this psychopath or any of his ilk. Not one.

Dead dog, dead rabies
Spanish proverb

4 thoughts on “Bourbon POS Elephant Killer

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