Multiculturalism: Black Memecraft Goes Rogue

“They were not innocent children, but political activists working for multiculturalism”

These words from the confessed murderer of 70+ people in last year’s Norway attacks came as a bit of a WTF to me. I’m not on the cutting edge of modern fascist terminology (heck, I still use “fifth column”), so it was a surprise to learn that “multiculturalism” was enough of a threat to warrant a massacre. Yes, I know they love their racial purity (hey, it’s better than admitting they don’t get laid), but what happened in Norway was not racism. Racist violence is by definition directed against other races; this episode of violence was directed at his own ethnic group in the name of a corrupt elitist concept. No, this is something else, a rabbit-hole that leads nowhere good and reeks even worse than racism.

So what is this multiculturalism anyways? Well, to most of us the name suggests something positive, like sharing and learning from the cultural diversity of our planet to move towards a more harmonious society. At least, that is what we have been led to believe.

From the elitist NWO pov, multiculturalism is basically a human livestock management technique to ease the massive introduction of foreign specimens into the established herd without provoking overt rejection. This is achieved by taking control of the discourse in issues like immigration, diverting attention from the massive influxes of cheap labor and dismissing legitimate criticism as racism. And although it would appear to be a tool of social inclusion, it is just another divide & conquer strategy that subliminally presents itself as a problem, not a solution. Or how do the words “multicultural neighborhood” make you feel?


our farm is multicultural too!

Altogether, it is a nasty piece of black memecraft, exploiting different weakness in the human operating system to create a gaping cognitive disconnect: on one hand, territoriality and fear of the Other, and on the other the desire to not appear tribal, because being tribal is primitive and racist and not fit for modern democrazy, where we are all equal under the corporate codes. Hello, dissonance!

In fact, multiculturalism sells itsef as the opposite of tribalism, which, despite its bad press, is actually the default comfort zone for the human monkey mind. Beyond groups of 100 individuals in which everyone is known personally, shit starts getting abstract and we run the risk of ending up enslaved by faceless corporate “persons” acting like they own the joint. Not that we’d ever let such madness get so far…

The good news is that multiculturalism, like sustainability and other nice-sounding memeplexes intended to deceive us into embracing our own destruction, are actually good ideas that have been perverted or poisoned to become toxic, but don’t necessarily have to be so. I for one love the idea of living in a multicultural and sustainable world, but my vision doesn’t include FEMA camps and forced depopulation policies. This is where the war of the words goes body to body in the arena of reality.


okay, you can let go now...

The great irony of all this is that the very elites that “invented” multicultural herd management for the rest of us are, in fact, tribal groups. What else can bloodlines that don’t breed or mix outside their small clique be called? So the elite tribe said let them eat multiculturalism, and we did, and it became the ghettoes, shanty towns, job competition, racial tensions and downright strife they were hoping for.

But –and this is a very important but– as tends to ocurr in living systems, the memeplex went rogue and gave birth to emergent phenomena that were neither expected nor hoped for, like the fusion of different cultures in new ways of coexisting, new creative expressions and an increased tolerance of humanity towards itself. In so many ways, multiculturalism has made us stronger, not weaker, because despite their best efforts to make our coexistence forced and uneasy, the human spirit shines on that which we hold in common as humans, not what separates us as persons. What the tribal-minded elite never thought is that we could learn to use multiculturalism as a stepping stone to a very different end than they intended.

The truth is we are One Tribe with Many Flavors, not separate multicultural units. We are born of the same mother planet under the same father star. And, as much as some would deny it, our differences are but a drop in the ocean of what we share. So let’s celebrate our different flavors instead of killing each other over them, and let the primitive elite tribes try to figure out what the heck happened, that the whole world went to party and left them locked up with Dick Cheney and his dead eye.


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